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Gel Nail a choice of new generation

September 8th, 2014 · No Comments

Gel Nails have emerged as the newest and a more natural choice to acrylic nails since they don’t induce any harm to your actual nails. Likewise, gel nails dry out instantly and elevate to a lesser extent when equated to acrylics. These nails can also be applied to tone up your original nails by using them as a base coat.

The escalating popularity of gel nails have been witnessed and have enticed many to try it. Gel nail designs have been so striking and multifaceted that it certainly tempts many to adorn their nails with the latest gel fashion furor.

If you want to boost your nail exquisiteness through gel nails, it is crucial to interpret their application to forestall any harm. These nails are getting popular, although yet to be understood fully. One must not befuddle gel with acrylic, as former and latter are both of the acrylic class and are developed using the same kind of acrylics, yet they vary in their appliance. This is chiefly because they are prepared using various operations, curing processes, molecular structures, etc.


Here are a few basic directions that will direct you on putting on nail gels correctly and efficiently.

1) First, if you’ve any natural glow on your nails, then rub your nails to get rid of it. Once executed, put on one coat of primer and let it dry out entirely.

2) Get the gel brush and use the nail gel, coating a slim layer on your nail. Make certain that the brush hairs do not fall out while putting on the gel. If they do, it implies you’re placing too much pressure, which must be neutralized.

3) When done, place your hands under an ultraviolet light for 1-3 minutes until the gel dries out altogether.

4) Now, do another coat as mentioned in step two. Then, put a drop of gel on your nail and then slowly spread it on your nail.

5) Once more place your hands under the ultraviolet light to dry out.

6) Do the routine again for the 3rd time. This time diffuse the gel to get an even gel-like uniformness, and then place your hand under Ultraviolet light

7) Once the gel is dried out, file your nails to the shape you want.

Make sure, that during whole process the gel should not touch your skin, and do not use too much gel which can trap air bubble to make it look uneven. Though you can do the whole process by your own at home, yet its highly recommended to for manicurist or nearby saloon at least for first time or until you feel you can do it yourself. It appears an easy task, but when you start doing it, you will feel you need an expert advice on many steps, and some time you do not have full kit to take it through the last step.

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Fake Nails – A blessing for Young Girls

September 6th, 2014 · No Comments

While every thing is being replaced, old with new, original with fake and pure with tainted. Most recent example of original with fake is your nails. People are opting for fake nails in order to look more stylish and stunning. Fake nails primarily come in two types. One, you can put it on yourself, while for other you have to find a manicurist. The former are kind of ready made, easy to use and remove, and much cheaper while latter are expensive as they have a separate kit for the application and removal, and you need a trained manicurist to follow the instructions.


Both types come with a kit, which have step-by-step instructions. If you stick to the directions cautiously, you would not mess anything.  These nails are used by women for particular occasions. They can also be worn as a daily addition to any wardrobe – as a matter of fact, they add a bit of classiness and grace to any outfit. A few women are worried about the safety of these nails, yet , there is no reason to be worried, as they are absolutely safe and are worn all over the world.

They not only add length to your fingernails yet they also give the appearance that you’ve healthier nails since healthier nails tend to be longer. With fake nails, you’ll be able to modify the length and colour of your nails every day.

These nails are especially helpful for women who can’t grow longer. They offer a way to misrepresent the appearance of long healthy nails. In addition to, they’re especially helpful for those who have the biting habit of their nails as being tough enough, it is virtually impossible to bite them off. This serves to discipline people not to bite their nails.

Another advantage of these nails is the ability to impart innovations to them. Natural nails are typically too small to add intricate patterns. However, fake nails are commonly long enough to add geometrical designs, tiny crystals, or even small-scale paintings. I have even come across designs having Hollywood actor/actresses and other celebrities. Fake nails designing’s have heightened to the status of an art form.

Luckily, these nails endure longer than typical painted nails. They don’t chip off like typical painted nails – which are great as it upholds the patterns grafted on the nails for longer periods. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your nails and the design on them. Put differently, fake nails are a fast, secure and voguish alternative to homely painted nails. They’re also a time saver since it is not essential to go to a beauty parlour to get them done and they tend to last much longer than regular painted ones.

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Solar Nails – A new trend in Nail industry

September 4th, 2014 · No Comments

Ease of use and sensational patterns, combine with various advantages automatically makes solar nails the top choice for women in today’s fashion industry. Women historically spend more time on their tiptop as compare to their counterparts. Now as women are getting more opportunities in different fields, they have less time to spend in order to concentrate more on their work. Therefore, they are looking for alternate to get ready in quick time and should be long lasting, that is the reason solar nails are getting popular especially among working women.

Why should any one be using Solar Nail

They come in different shapes, patterns and colours. Most of the people believed that solar nails are the upgrade version of Acrylic one, as they are longer lasting and durable. However, there is not much different the way both are made and applied. You will often hear from your beautician or from your saloon, that solar nail are the best as they have no adverse effects on your nails.


Whenever you buy something, the first things that come to your mind is what’s the benefits of over the one you are using. Therefore, here are a few of the advantages

·     As mentioned earlier, solar nails are longer lasting and durable. If your acrylic or gel nails last for 2-3 weeks, you can easily extend to 5-6 weeks with your solar nails.

·     Fragility is the biggest issue with such kind of things, yet solar nails are durable and your would not find any crack easily, making it the strongest product in the market.

·     Though the main ingredients are the same, yet they have used a few additional ingredients in it to make it different and durable.



2 steps are generally adopted in the process of engrafting the solar nails on the natural ones. The white part should be placed on your nail, and then pink layer is placed above it. While taking a sunbath common acrylic or gel nails are damaged easily or shrink making them look bad, while there is no such issue with the solar nails. Therefore, you do not have to worry during your sunbath or tanning session.

Only point that goes against these solar nail is their price. They are bit expensive compare to acrylic or gel nails. However, one has to keep in mind that their maintenance is cost is significantly lower. So technically, if you compare both even for their cost, your final choice would be solar nails.

Removing Solar Nails:

One has to be careful while removing your solar nails. You better go to a saloon or in case you want to do it at home, make sure to soak your nails in acetone for 30-40 minutes before scraping it.Gel Nails Hand Pictures/Photos 2

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Getting Super Smooth and Shiny Nails that Won’t Chip

May 24th, 2014 · No Comments

There are many people, who wonder why women or even young girls go to saloons for their nail polish. Apparently, its not that difficult to apply nail polish by oneself, yet they always prefer to go to saloon. So, whets the difference does it make. The simple answer is “Nail polish used at home does not give shiny look and also started to chip off. Contrary, if you visit any saloon, You will feel your nails are looking perfect and you can never achieve this at home. Besides, when the nail technicians put on nail polish, it does not seem to chip or slide off. Yet, I always prefer to do things at home and in this article, I will tell how you can have smooth and shiny nails.


1. First step is to find out the Nail Buffer, its not hard to find as they are getting popular day by day. Yet, there are many who still have no idea what Nail buffer actually do. It is a square nail file and is usually pink or black. Each side has a different level of granularity. You can use Nail buffer not only on your fingernails but also on your toenails as well. Clean your nails and remove nail polish from your hands and feet. Use nail buffer on your nails as long as you wish. Do not get things done in hasten, so best time to do is when you are totally free. You will feel the difference once it’s done.


2. Now, when you are done with your Nail Buffer, the next step is to get them painted. Most women don’t take enough nail polish out of the bottle at one time. Make sure, you dip into bottle only 2-3 time per nail, as if your brush does not have enough polish, you would have to dip it many a times and that will make uneven layers on your nails. So, just make sure you use enough nail polish to catch a big drop at the end of the brush. Just put that big drop on your nail and smooth it out, you will see that you are not required to go back for a second coat. If you are in hurry, do not apply thick coating as the polish will not get dry and it will smutch.


3. Its very important that you give enough time to get your nails completely dry out to prevent any chipping. I would recommend to give an hour to dry it out before applying the final coat. That final coat will give  your nails a smooth and extra shinny look. You can also try anti chipping nail polish, readily available these days in the market for extra coverage.


4. Women go through a lot of effort to paint their toes and believe they can go out straightaway. In order for nails to remain super burnished and super smooth, let the polish dry out completely. Once it is dry, it will form a protective scale that is water resistant. It means that one should never do any of the following until your nails are dry:


· shower after you paint your nails

· Touching things with your nails or other things banging on your nails

· Covers your hands and feet with any thing like gloves or sneakers


Therefore, if you follow the above steps, you do not have to go to saloon to waste your money, until or unless you have enough money to throw in the bin.

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Gel Or Acrylic

January 2nd, 2014 · No Comments http://www.nails-guide.comI am often asked by my clients what is the difference between gel and acrylic … many of them heard in salons only gel. Here are the differences :

Acrylic nails are made from a polymer ( powder Acrylic ) and a monomer ( liquid crosscuting ) . The combination of the two products resulting material is applied to the natural nail , or the extension . Immediately after combining the two products material begins to dry (approximately 60 seconds ) and manicurist must shape nail technician quickly. Acrylic nails are harder , heavier and is pilesc are the most popular and used worldwide.

The nails of the gel building material of a ready- (gel ) can be applied to a natural nail or expansion . This material dries only a special lamp , manicurist technician with more time available for modeling nail. These nails gel can easily pili being more flexible.
– The gel is odorless / Acrylic has a stronger smell , pungent ( may bother some people ) ;
– The gel is recommended for people who do not hold much manual labor as well to blow ( crack , slaps ) / Acrylic is recommended for all people , especially those who work hard and use more computer keyboard because it has high resistance and no crack ;
– Gel nails should be maintained more often ( max 3 weeks ) / acrylic nails to hold up to 6 weeks without maintenance ;
– Gel is shiny, spectacular / Acrylic is more matte , give the appearance of natural nails .
– Gel removes the nail through his filing to anoint natural ( which can be painful operation , excessive thinning natural nail ) / acrylic nails removed by introducing a special solution -Tips Off you soak , nail by cleaning the very light and remain unaffected.

In US most salons prefer gel application method , because there are many professionals who have the skill and ingenuity to work with acrylic and is much cheaper. Technicians in our renowned and abroad recommend acrylic because it provides more opportunities to work. With acrylic ( known in popular terms as porcelain or resin) can build a much more natural and even perfect nails.

When asked which affects more than the natural nail : gel or acrylic , the answer is not applied materials affects the nail (unless they are very cheap or not applied properly ) but the person applying nails can damage your natural nail by filing excessive .

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Gel Nails 6 Advantages 4 Disadvantages

December 19th, 2013 · No Comments



Hands are a real neat card for any self-respecting woman . What could be more beautiful than a perfect manicure all the time? You do this with modern methods , but find out what are the  disadvantages!
The most modern method is the application of the nails or acrylic gel , or as a coating or in the form of false nails made ??of these materials. Considering all the myths circulating on account nail to see the advantages and disadvantages of this type of manicure .

6 benefits

1. They are much stronger than natural nails
False nails are an alternative if natural does not grow enough , peel , break , you wont bite them or simply want a perfect manicure for longer .
2 Perfect French permanent
The dream of having a classic French manicure , perfect and not hurt for a few weeks is finally a reality ! That does not mean you have to give your daily activities , it just means that your nails will cope well with all tests. You escape and minor imperfections such as bumps or grooves on the surface of the nail.
3 Long nails
If you do not allow your natural nails to keep them long , protective gel helps to keep the length that you’ve always wanted . In addition , the form will always be ideal and perfect nails symmetrical .
4 Models outstanding and varied
Nail allow you to give free rein to the imagination in terms of their decoration : nail painting , three-dimensional applications or piercings .
5 Nail polish last longer
If you want to convert classic french in a color full of personality , you can always use your favorite nail polish quiet , the good news is that gel nail polish will stay intact longer than the natural nail and will be a perfect sheen .
Are you tired of it ? There’s nothing a wipe and stick with the same perfect manicure at first.
6  Restoring broken nails
You have to break a nail ? There is no problem with using these materials , the angle can be restored so that you will not be able to distinguish natural .

4 Disadvantages

1 Natural nail must be filed
There is the myth that acrylic or gel attack and destroy the natural nail . In fact it is true that natural nail is slightly affected , but because of the materials , but the fact that you have filed for the gel has easy grip . The process , however, is not harmful to the nails than hair dye .
2 Attention to water
State hands long water ( due to job , household crafts or sea holidays ) can cause partial separation / total natural nail gel . No appearance is not the happiest , the detachment appears as a whitish opaque stain .
3 Maintenance
Whether you like it or not , false nails / gel protected serviced every 2-3 weeks. Otherwise, it will be a total unsightly appearance , the visible difference between gel nails and increased again . In addition , depending on the length of the nails and daily activity increases fracture risk .
4 Addictive !
Perhaps the biggest drawback is that really addictive ! They are extremely practical and superior permanent show nails no longer break . No one price is not prohibitive , if we count as normal manicure cost us , but one that will be required weekly.


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An Overview On Gel Nails

April 7th, 2013 · No Comments

Gel nails are artificial nails that are the closest that you can find to natural nails when it comes to resemblance. They are quite similar to acrylic nails and are made of a combination of polymer powder and monomer liquid. The monomer liquid will react with the polymer powder and will form long polymer strands. These strands when they dry out will form a hard resin that will look very similar to a fingernail. Acrylic nails tend to be more brittle where as the gel nails are flexible as they contain short chain monomers that are known as oligomers. You can paint the nails, draw airbrush designs on them and also wear French tips. The gel nails can be short or long and can be filed into round pearl or square shapes.

Types Of Gel Nails

There are two types of gel nails that are available and they are light cured gel nails and no light gel nails. A light cured gel nail is hardened using ultraviolet light whereas the no light nails are hardened with the use of a special gel activator. In light cured nails the coat of polymer is first applied on the nails followed by the monomer liquid and then is placed under the ultra violet light for about two minutes. This process is repeated twice or thrice depending on the finish that is required by the customer. The no light nails are also applied similar to the light cured nails with the monomer liquid applied over the polymer coat and then the special gel activator is brushed onto the nails or is sprayed on them to make them hard. Again the process is repeated till the desired finish is attained and is satisfactory for the client.

Advantages Of Gel Nails

The popular choice for artificial nails used to get acrylic nails till the advent of gel nails and now women are slowly shifting from acrylic nails to gel nails because of the advantages that it has over the older acrylic nails. Some of the advantages are

  • Gel nails look almost like natural nails and is hard it differentiate between the artificial nail and natural nail
  • They are thin, glossy in nature and are flexible
  • The resin is made out of a mixture that is odorless and therefore it is safe for pregnant women to use them
  • As only a thin layer of acrylic is applied on the nails you will not have to get them filled often.
  • Time taken to cure is a lot less when compared to acrylic nails

Disadvantages Of Gel Nails

Where there are advantages, there is also bound to be disadvantages and gel nails do have some disadvantages and they are

  • Gel nails are expensive and can look natural, but they tend to break often when compared to other artificial nails
  • When these nails break, they just shatter most of the time and this means you cannot do a home fix on the nails and have to go to the nail salon to get it filed off and get new ones.

These nails are not too good at holding on to the polish and therefore you will have to pain them often

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An Insight Into Various Kinds Of Fake Nails

February 21st, 2013 · No Comments

Should you be getting fake or artificial nails? Is it safe to apply them on the surface of your natural nails? Women love to adorn their nails and thankfully, they can make use of some of the advanced technologies to get their nails done beautifully. Such nails will help you to increase the appeal factor significantly. There are diverse kinds of classifications for artificial nails. We will be looking into some of them in the rest of the sections. Many women prefer acrylic and gel based nails because they can last for quite some time. If you are looking something along the short-term basis, it is better to go for silk nails.

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Technicians working in salons initially used acrylic nails as a means to extend the existing natural nails. With the passage of time, it became a full-fledged natural nail replacement phenomenon. These nails are very easy to apply and they can last for longer periods too. Removing these nails are easy too – if you are dealing with someone capable. There is a slight chance for yeast infections to occur if the nail dislodges itself from the base. Hence, it is important to take some precautions while using these nails. The warmth and moisture present within such crevices will only help in augmenting the growth of all kinds of microorganisms.

An Introduction To Gel Nails

There is some slight sophistication for gel nails in comparison to the conventional acrylic nails. The nail application procedure might appeal deceptively similar. However, there is an elaborate application of ultraviolet rays so that the mixture applied on the surface of the nail hardens properly. Some of the sources indicate that these UV rays can cause skin cancers. As expected, application of gel nails can turn out to be expensive. Yet there are many takers for these kinds of fake nails. You also need to take into account the fact that the nails will keep on growing in a systematic manner. Regular visits to the salon are mandatory for the entire nail to remain intact for extended periods.

Why Use Silk Nails?

Silk nails are not exactly fake nails. The saloon introduced these kinds of nails with the sole intention of helping women who had chipped and cracked nails. The wrap used for the procedure is silk; but some of the salons also make elaborate use of other materials such as paper and even pieces of linen. The temporary nature of these fake nails makes it much more suited when you have to attend some function or important event. There is much demand for these procedures in the salons across the globe. Some of the technicians develop their own iterations of these procedures to improve the appeal of the resultant nail work. Please do your share of research and homework before opting for fake nails. These nails can cause allergic reactions in the fingers for some women. Why should you take additional risks by visiting an unlicensed salon? Instead, pay the additional amounts for more mental peace. Please keep us updated with your findings and experiences.

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Getting Airbrushed Nails Done At The Comfort Of Your Home

February 18th, 2013 · No Comments

Throughout generations, women have paid special attention to the procedures that helped them to have beautiful nails. Even on this day, we have access to the many numbers of strategies, which could augment the default beauty of the nails in a significant manner. Lately, airbrushing the nails has been gaining popularity. Some women dislike the idea of putting nail polish on their natural nails. They need that extra oomph factor which only airbrushing the nail can bring about. Not everyone is a fan of installing acrylic nails to their natural nails. Opting for airbrushing is the best way out for such people.


Can You Do Professional Level Airbrushing Of Nails At Home?

Many women hold on to the misconception that it is not possible to get a professional grade airbrushing done at home. This used to be the scenario until some advancement occurred within the domain. Now it is possible to airbrush the nails even without spending your valuable time and money visiting a professional salon. For this discussion, we will be looking into certain effective ways to airbrush the nails within the comfort of your home. It is a good practice to start the process by gently filing the natural nails. Filing too much of the nail, will only help in worsening the nature glow and texture of the nail in the long-term basis.


Why Should You Gently File The Natural Nail?

The underlying intention of this filing process is simple. Filing will provide a good surface for the base coat (which we will be applying shortly) to adhere. Proper adherence of the base coat to the nail must occur. Only then, the true vantages of airbrushing the nail will come forth. Some online sources indicate that we can skip the process of applying the base coat. Whether to skip it or not – it is entirely up to the reader. However, the professionals love to apply the base coat so that the airbrush designs can last for longer periods. It is important to do the airbrushing procedure as a series of continuous steps.


The Other Aspects That You Need To Know

As a rule of thumb, there must be an initial background color. The rest of the colors will come only on its top. It is a good practice to opt for light colored shade for this initial background coloring. This will help in revealing the true depth of the rest of the colors. For complicated designs, you need to use a nail stencil. Stencils of diverse kinds are available from online as well as offline stores. Select a stencil that you like; it should bring out a modest appeal. Ask someone else (preferably a friend) to hold the stencil when you are using the airbrush gun. There is a small tendency for the stencil to slip. Take additional precautions so that it does not occur. The smearing of the colors will occur if the stencil slips and you will have to redo the entire sequence of steps mentioned above. After successful application of the stencil’s design, please apply a fresh coat of light colored polish over it. This can help to keep the design intact for the many days to come.


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Can Acrylic Nails Impair The Natural Nails?

January 30th, 2013 · No Comments

Despite its humble beginnings, acrylic nails have managed to secure the attention of many women across the globe. Keeping in tune with the traditions, people have all sorts of confusions regarding the effects of these kinds of nails on the health. Are acrylic nails harmful to the body? On the other hand, is it just another urban myth? It is a good practice to have some levels of caution while using artificial nails such as these. In the long term, it will only work out in a beneficial manner for the wearer.  Likewise, it is important to get the acrylic nails done through the proper channels. It can help in avoiding any kind of complications that can occur later.


Things That Can Go Wrong

What can go wrong when you try to fix acrylic nails on your fingers? If fixed improperly, there is a small tendency for the nails to dislodge. The gap produced as a direct result of the same will promote the growth of harmful agents. The warm and moist environment will provide many opportunities for the occurrence for nail infections. What are the complications that are associated with a nail infection? For starters, your natural nail will lose its inherent shine and luster. It is possible to replace any kind of artificial nails very easily. We cannot say the same about our natural nails. Besides, we need to focus on the fact that some people can develop allergic reactions to these kinds of artificial nails.


Precautions That You Can Take

There are a number of steps handed out by the experts to avoid unfortunate scenarios such as these. We will look into some of them in the rest of the discussion. Always visit authorized saloons where they do acrylic nails. The costs might be towards the higher side. Nevertheless, you will get access to complete peace of mind.  Breathing issues can occur for some people when they inhale the acrylic fumes. Make sure that the saloon has proper ventilation if you have any such issues. At the same time, pay attention to the cleanliness exercised by the technician. He or she must sterilize all the tools in an appropriate manner.


Additional Pointers That You Need To Have In Mind

By all probabilities, the technician might present a bowl of soapy water for you to soak the fingers. This is a good practice because it helps in additional disinfection of the fingers. There are certain technicians who practice the art of pushing back or trimming the cuticles. While it can help in giving good looks, the same act can only lead to the immediate onset of various kinds of infection. Some of the technicians might also try to roughen the edges of the natural nails before applying the acrylic nail. Once again, this will lead to permanent damaging of your natural nails. Please act about the routines before signing up for an appointment. This will help you to stay away from unforeseen surprises when the technician is doing the procedure. It is a matter of fact that we cannot sterilize nail files. Consider carrying your own nail file for the appointment.

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How To Soak Off Acrylic Nails

December 10th, 2012 · No Comments

Times are extremely hard when it comes to finances, which is why many people are trying to do everything in their power to ensure that they save as much money as possible, where ever possible. In reality, the great thing about beauty is that there are plenty of treatments that an individual can do for themselves without having to go to an extremely expensive salon. Take nails for instance. Many people pay top dollar for services, but those that want to do it themselves really can and save themselves lots of cash!


Learning how to soak off acrylic nails is a lot easier than the majority of people would care to imagine. The best thing is that the quality of the treatment is almost not even noticeable, which means that an individual needing a treatment can get it instantly, even if they have no cash. By learning how to soak off acrylic nails, women can have top quality nails at all times, rather than waiting for pay day!


Before getting started and learning how to soak offer acrylic nails, there are few items that are needed to helping the whole process run extremely smoothly. One of the first things that are needed is going to be acetone, which will soak into the nails and remove the adhesive. Alongside this, the individual will also need to get hold of some foil, cotton wool and a cuticle pusher. These items are essential throughout the process to get a salon quality end result.


First of all, the individual needs to apply the acetone to the nails, which will instantly start breaking up the adhesive. At this point the foil can be wrapped around the nails, allowing it to soak. Nails should be soaked for around 20 minutes, before the foil is removed. Using the cuticle pusher, the nails should be removed incredibly gently. Of course, if they are not coming off easily then they will need to be soaked in acetone again. Anything up to 25 minutes is a common occurrence when it comes to this treatment.


By doing the process slowly and following all of the above steps, the end result should be that of a salon quality finish. In reality, many people pay hundreds of dollars for a service that they could easily replicate themselves. This does not take time or mistakes, this is something that can be done within and hour and still feel like it was done by a professional.


Remember when learning how to soak off acrylic nails that they are extremely delicate. Nails can be damaged easily so it is important to look after them. In reality, giving a few days gap before applying nail polish or new acrylics will certainly be a good idea as it will allow the nails to recover to their original state.

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Clear Acrylic Nails

December 2nd, 2012 · No Comments

Times have changed a lot in many different industries. A lot of people are focusing their attention on saving as much money as possible. What this means is that many industries have had to respond, to ensure that they are not left behind, or lost for good. This is one of the reasons why clear acrylic nails have become so popular over the last few years. They are new and unique, not to mention, a product that offer excellent value for money.


There are options when it comes to having clear acrylic nails applied. Of course, the majority of people visit a luxury salon. This does tend to cost a lot of money, but there are some benefits. First of all, the quality of the service from trained professionals is likely to help a great deal. Alongside this, for many women, their beauty treatments offer them a relaxing day out, so effectively; they are paying for the experience and not just the treatment.


People have these treatments for a range of different reasons. Some women find that their nails simply do not grow quick enough and therefore, they will never get their nails to a length that they are happy with. Others will find that they bite their nails and therefore, they look extremely messy. What ever the reason, it could be that clear acrylic nails are the answer. Great value for money for top quality looks is something that is not available every where these days, which is why they are so popular!


So what really are these clear acrylic nails? They are nails that are made mostly from a gel. Many people might think they would therefore, look fake, but they really do not. What these nails actually offer, is a look that is incredibly realistic. Essentially, they recreate the look of any extremely healthy set of nails, which is certainly what the majority of women are looking for.


The great thing about clear acrylic nails is that they are effectively an extension of the current nail, which helps to make them stronger and much healthier. Of course, once the individual has applied the clear acrylic nails, they can also apply some nail polish, just like they would to ordinary nails.
Of course, over time, the quality of the nail does decrease. For this reason, it is always worth replacing them on a regular basis. When replacing them, trying to leave a few day gap is certainly worth while. Nails are very soft and delicate so they can be easily damaged. Many products can damage them in the long term, so giving them a few days rest will help with their long term health.

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