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A Quick Introduction to Gel Nails

There are several different ways you can extend your nails. Nail extensions come in handy when you need some really nice looking nails, but can’t wait for them to grow. For example, you may have broken just one nail and you badly need a quick fix solution. Here is where nail extensions come in handy. You can choose from various options such as acrylic nails or gel nails. This article will introduce you to gel nails, which is gaining popularity very quickly.

Gel nails are very interesting. A gel nail kit consists of many different items, and they include gel brushes, tips, buffers, files, UV light, gel cleansers, gel wipes and more. All the tools are meant to perform three basic functions.

Shaping and forming the nail.

Tools such as files and tips can be used to shape the nail as the gel nail cures. The process of applying gel nail is a quick and simple one. Start by applying the first layer, and shape it accordingly. Give it 3 to 4 minutes to cure before allowing the second layer. Again, shape the nail as you apply the gel. After application of the third layer, the gel nail is ready. The whole process takes about 20 minutes or so.

Polishing and shaping the nails.

When the gel nails have cured properly, you can continue to work on them using files and buffers. Gel nails have a naturally glossy look. A quick polish is all that is needed to make the nails look completely natural. Files can be used to smooth and shape the edges of the nails. It is a good idea to create longer gel nails so that you leave room for mistakes.

Cleaning off the gel.

You can use gel cleansers or wipers to clean off gel nails, or to remove layers so that you can rebuild the nails.

The gel nail creation process is a combination of the above 3 functions. Do remember to prepare your nails before applying gel. Wash your nails and remove all dirt. Dry them before the actual application of gel.

The main strength of gel nails is that they are very easy to apply, and the process takes very little time. For those who are in a hurry, this is the perfect solution. The gel cures naturally, and there is no mess.

If you have the habit of biting nails, perhaps now is the time to consider kicking the habit completely! It doesn’t matter which nail extension method you choose if you have this nasty habit. You are going to damage the nail extensions. To make things worse, you may end up suffering from poisoning if you consume any gel or glue that you manage to chew off your nails.

But if you can keep your teeth away from your nails, gel nails offer a great nail extension solution for any busy lady.


6 Comments on A Quick Introduction to Gel Nails

  1. I’m in the medical field, a surgical nurse (not allowed to wear artificle nails aka acrylic nails) Would these be considered the same? I have worn acrylics for 23 years and am lost without them. Unable to grow out my natural nails . They are very thin and seem to crack and split before they get any length on them. Please help..if I can wear these it will make me soooooo happy again!!

  2. I love fake nails the problem is that I can’t wear them

    Are gel nails the same thing as fake nails?

    and does it hurt when remove it?

    Where can I buy them?

    Are they expensive?

  3. Gel nails are much much much healthier for your natural nails.

    Cindi- They should let you do them, since pretty much they are as short as your natural nails, maybe shorter depending on size.

    Angeli- Gel nails are the same as acrylics but have different powders, and liquids, along with different techniques. They do not hurt to remove. JUST DO NOT GET THEM PULLED! Soak them in acetone and file them down until them come off. You can’t buy them like plastic nails, you get them done at a salon. They are not expensive, they are reasonably priced.


  4. I just got my first set of gel nails and love them. But after having them for a few days I think they need to be shaped round insead of square. Can I do this myself or do I need to make an appointment with the salon? I don’t want to mess them up. Thanks for the help.

  5. Ok..i thought i was getting ngel nails at the nail salons bu i really wasnt..if you go to a nail salon and they do acrylic then finish with gel polish, its not really gel nails..and u get over priced…i just goy my gel nails yesterday and im so happy with them..they didnt drill my natural nail because it destroys your nails everytime they do it…and instead of acrylic its actual gel

  6. I am so pissed right now because I had the same thing done as Stephanie in the previous post. This is my 3rd time getting artificial nails… the first time they actually did gel nails and the other two times they put acrylic nails and THEN put what they called gel on, but I think it was just a UV top coat. I told the lady doing my nails 4 times that I wanted Gel with white tips, however she continued to put acrylics on. This has happened to me twice at 2 different locations. What is the proper language to use with a manicurist to get actual Gel nails? Apparently pointing to the part of the sign that says “gel nails” makes them think that I want acrylics with a UV top coat.

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