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About Acrylic Fake Nails

Fake nails are ideal for creating a nice polished appearance. Some people can have natural beautiful nails, other don’t. Those who can’t may consider wearing fake nails. False nails are usually acrylic material. The material is very “strong” and will not easily crack, chip, or split.

Fake nails is not a new “bussines”. Acrylic artificial nails have been popular for over a decade. Prior to acrylic, press-on fake nails were used to create the illusion of longer nails.

Press-on nails were great for amusement, but they were not very reliable.

The days of press-on nails are gone. Today, women who wear fake nails opt for tips with a layer of acrylic. Nail technicians can usually apply fake nails within  half an hour. Some may be hesitant to get fake nails because of some risks.Fake nails require proper care. Individuals with acrylic nails should return to their nail technician every two – three weeks for a fill-in. As the nails grow, the cuticles becomes visible. Additional acrylic must be applied to fill-in this area.  

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