Acrylic Nail Design Ideas and Their Application

Acrylic nails are known to be the most commonly used artificial nails since they are quiet durable and are glued like natural nails. They can be easily applied at salons and at homes since the only basic requirement is specially made glue used for applying acrylic nails. It is believed that acrylic nails can be designed with various art work and creativity. The designs when applied on acrylic nails make the nails look more attractive and give the hands a glamorous touch.


You might have seen acrylic nails painted with bright flowers. You can do that easily by yourself as well. Simply paint your nails with a bright red shade and let it dry. Later, with the help of a white nail colour, you can paint an upside down heart shape starting at the base of the nail. This would form into a flower head shape similar to that of a pansy’s. With another colour, you can draw a leaf and a stem as well. Brushing with a flow will give it a neat touch. In the end, to enhance the look, you can add some glitter at the sides.

Acrylic nails look fabulous with Christmas looks. These are designed with the basic steps carried out in French manicure wherein you paint the nail with a white tip in light, pastel-shade like pink colour. As soon as it is dried, you can use silver paint to draw some swirling lines to give it a creative look and add some tiny dots in between. You can also add some tiny stars with silver glitter or contrast it with two different striking colours like red and green.


Another creative design for acrylic nails is the fish designs that seem quite creative. You can start with deep shade of blue and drop a teardrop on it with a tiny brush as soon as it dries. However, give it a slight twist at the end of the teardrop to make it look like a fish tail. For the fish, it would be better to use a brighter shade and add some striking and contrasting streaks. You may also merge the colours and draw whiskers and a dot for the eye as well. It is important to use some refreshing and catchy colours while at the time, be very careful when drawing lines.


The Cupid design on acrylic nails is simply incredible. You need to use a thin coat of a white nail colour at the base and use a light pink one on it. Then take a darker pink shade and use it on the top as well as the bottom. A shaded effect will be formed that would surely look attractive. Draw a cupid with red nail colour by browsing through the cupid clipart available online. Draw the arrow and the heart above it and add some glitter to enhance the effect.

With the help of all these creative designs on your acrylic nails, you can try a new look everyday and experience some catchy glances on your attractive hands!

Acrylic Nails
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