Acrylic Nails – How To Use and Apply

Preparing Your Nails:

* Clean nails of any polish or oil. Trim and file the entire free edge of your nails and push back cuticles with manicure stick.

How to Apply Nails:

* Select the correct size nails for each finger. If needed, file sides for correct fit.
* Apply glue to natural nail and spread over entire nail being careful not to get glue on skin or cuticle.
* Hold artificial nail by numbered edge and apply gel glue onto the remaining back area where it will come into contact with your natural nail.
* Using the cuticle as a pivot point, slowly lower nail onto natural nail – hold firmly until set.
* Use paper towel to wipe any excess glue for skin before it dries.
* Apply top coat for added shine and design protection, especially if you trim or file of nail.
* When finished, wipe off excess glue. Store glue in upright position away from heat and direct sunlight.

How to Remove Nails:

* File the top of the artificial nail surface to break through protective top coat.
* Do not force or pull nails off. For quick, easy removal use artificial nail remover kit.
* Trim off as much artificial tip as possible. Soak nails in acetone-based nail polish remover until soft.
* Wipe off softened plastic and glue. Repeat process as necessary.

Acrylic Nails
Acrylic Nail Care

Acrylic Nails Acrylic nails are the strongest and last the longest of all the nail overlays. But, if it’s not done well, these nails can look thick and very artificial. Find a manicurist who is an expert at applying acrylic nails, and you can get a very thin, natural-looking nail. They …

Acrylic Nails
Acrylic Nail Pic
Acrylic Nails
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