Air brushed Nails- the latest rage

Nails are one of the most subtle representatives of a personality. Males and females, both are somehow judged with the condition of their nails. Whether you accept it or not, nails are one of the many important things, you notice in a person to judge their personality whenever you meet them. For men, well-kept, nicely cut, and clean nails are enough to show the person’s well-being and a pleasant persona whereas dirty, uncut nails will definitely be enough to tell how shabby and careless the person is. For women though it is a little different as only clean and trimmed nails are not really enough to give a complete and an impressive look. The times have changed and now the woman of today has to make sure of the fact that she has all the right things to give that impressive and chic look, and nails are undoubtedly the most important factor.


Having long, strong, and pretty nails is a wish of each and every girl but now there is a lot more added in to the ‘nail-wish-list’. These days we get to see some really incredible stuff done with the nails making them look ever more stylish and attractive. Different nail arts have been given different names and you can choose from a wide range of them to get the best look out your nails. It has been seen that mostly girls like to stay with the same kind of nail art and are reluctant to try with the ‘other’ ones although it is always very exciting to get a new look each time you step out of the salon.

The different and exciting nail arts include Acrylic Nails; Air brushed nails, Solar Nails, Gel Nails, Pink, and Whites and so on. Although all of them all slightly different, yet all of them would make your nails look prettier and alluring.

Talking about the Air brushed nails, this nail art is the latest and the recent one, and is much exciting then the other nail arts such as the usual acrylics. N this procedure, you get to have some fabulous designing done on your nails as if they are an artist’s canvas and they can do whatever painting on your nails with the colors of your choice.

The treatment is durable and won’t come off by following the normal daily routine of your life unless the designing gets scratched due to any reasons. You can either choose to have the designing one on you already long, natural nails or you can also get the fake nails attached and then get the airbrushing done on them. The procedure is easy but it’s better to get it done from a good technician in order to get the maximum results, leaving your nails all the more pretty and a sight for everybody. Good air brushed nails are bound to draw attention to their self and you also have the flexibility to get any design made that is different and funky. Air brushed nails set your nails apart from the rest that have the usual acrylic done on them.

Airbrush Nails
Airbrush Nails Pics

Airbrush nails pics

Airbrush Nails
The Art of Airbrush Nails

The technique of airbrush nails is another remarkable breakthrough in the field of nail art. It is a notable advancement that enables a nail artist to go beyond what a usual nail polish can offer. It provides more flexibility in terms of the application of designs. Through an airbrush machine, air source …

Airbrush Nails
How to Airbrush Nails?

All women enjoy having their nails beautiful. Anyway, going to a salon can get a little bit expensive. For learning to Airbrush Nails on your own, you can save money or if you are lucky maybe even make some money from this. Things You’ll Need to airbrush nails on your own: First of all …