Airbrush Art on nails

Nail art and particularly airbrush nails are becoming very popular now days. Women want to preen themselves and nail art is an excellent mean to enhance their beauty. Every woman wants to be eye catching, attractive and glamorous. Women are using different colors, flowers, stones and beads to enhance their beauty in one form or other all over the world. Despite of their different colors and status, women from a remote African tribe or a metropolitan city use make up and accessories. This urge of women to look different and striking turned grooming and make up into an art with innovation. Airbrush nails are one of the latest trends to make you high up among other women.


Suppose a woman enters in a party with a designer outfit and excellent face make up but untidy hands, what impression will you get from here? Hands are most habitually used organ while we are talking. People do notice your hand expression and beauty of your hands and consider it an integral part of your personality. If you really want to create an impression on other people, use nails art to attain this goal. Airbrush nails can make your finger more gorgeous and classy.


Now you might be thinking what airbrush nails are? Different patterns are created on your nail with water base and oil base colors in a nail art technique. You can use any color combination and infinite designs in this art. In this procedure, first of all your hands are cleaned properly. Your hands should be free from any dust, grease or marks of your previous nail paint. You can use acetone or any other nail paint remover to clean your hands. Then your nail artist will apply a base coat on your nails, you can keep it white or any choose any other color. In the second step, an airbrush gun is used to spray different colors on your nails. There are different stencils, which can be used to create different designs. In the next step, a final nail paint coat is applied on your nails. Although this procedure appear simple but it is not a child’s play. You have to be very careful as your canvas is very small and you have to create something extraordinary on this small canvas.

Many beauty saloons have expert nail artist to satisfy your needs. They have different catalogues and you can choose a design from it. I am sure once you have experienced airbrush nails, you will love to try new designs with this technique. It makes your nail prominent and adds a magical elegance to your personality.


If you are a busy person and can not spend so much time sitting in a saloon there are some ready-made options for you. If you want to save time, purchase fake nails with airbrush designs. You can glue these fake nails on your hands and they will look as good as your real nails. You can make a collect of airbrush fake nails and can use them on different occasions. I hope now you will not ignore your hands and try out something more trendy and fashionable on your nails.

Airbrush Nails
Airbrush Nails Pics

Airbrush nails pics

Airbrush Nails
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Airbrush Nails
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