Airbrush Nails

Every girl aspires to have long, pretty nails and every man wants to see their girl with nicely done nails. Following the art of manicure, acrylic nails and their embellishment, the field of nail art was revolutionized with the emergence of airbrush nails. This allowed the nail artists to go beyond what a typical nail polish offers. Together with an air source, airbrush stencil, nail colors and stunning designs; nails can be a canvas of their own; providing generous room for creativity and imagination to the nail artists.


Airbrush nails are the process by which water-based paints are sprayed by an airbrush onto your finger nails. Although some nail artists prefer freehand sprays, the most convenient is to use airbrush over stencils. These stencils are either custom made or purchased from a salon with designs formerly cut through them. In order to achieve an extraordinary, yet a chic look the artists accentuate on intricate designs that are often overlapped and painted in different, vibrant colors.


In spite of this, the task is not a piece of cake. Along with superior tools, one has to have the passion of excelling this art and needs to stay adamant. Subsequently, the selection of tools is extremely important; airbrush being the foremost. It comes in either single or double action. The double action airbrush has a better control since the air and paint are consoled by the same trigger. The airbrush requires compressed air to perform. Among air compressors, carbon dioxide tanks and air propellant tanks are also used to make the airbrush function.


Airbrush nails can be very easily done and are also affordable. They can last for a longer period of time, depending on the overall application and how well have they been maintained. After choosing the much loved stencil design for your nails, prepare your nails so you can receive a long lasting airbrush. Make sure your nails are clean from any impurity and the remnants of the previous nail polish. Once the base coat has been applied, for an even background applies a white coat or any color of your choice before proceeding to any design. Contrasting colors work well together on designs. It is better to initiate with the lighter shade, in view of the fact that darker shades cannot be reduced to a lighter tone thereafter. Give the finishing touch to your nails by applying a top-coat very cautiously as the paint might still be delicate. Otherwise harsh strokes would appear on the nails. Nonetheless to avoid such strokes varnish your nails immediately after airbrushing. This creates a protective barrier between the paint and the top-coat.


Airbrush nails do not restrict you from practicing the daily routine activities. Though, the only thing to be cared of is to prevent them from getting scratched, otherwise fixing them could end up being a hassle.  Mastering the art of airbrushing needs practice, so get hold of your friends and airbrush their nails or you can even make some money out of it!

Airbrush Nails
Airbrush Nails Pics

Airbrush nails pics

Airbrush Nails
The Art of Airbrush Nails

The technique of airbrush nails is another remarkable breakthrough in the field of nail art. It is a notable advancement that enables a nail artist to go beyond what a usual nail polish can offer. It provides more flexibility in terms of the application of designs. Through an airbrush machine, air source …

Airbrush Nails
How to Airbrush Nails?

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