An Insight Into Various Kinds Of Fake Nails

Should you be getting fake or artificial nails? Is it safe to apply them on the surface of your natural nails? Women love to adorn their nails and thankfully, they can make use of some of the advanced technologies to get their nails done beautifully. Such nails will help you to increase the appeal factor significantly. There are diverse kinds of classifications for artificial nails. We will be looking into some of them in the rest of the sections. Many women prefer acrylic and gel based nails because they can last for quite some time. If you are looking something along the short-term basis, it is better to go for silk nails.

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Technicians working in salons initially used acrylic nails as a means to extend the existing natural nails. With the passage of time, it became a full-fledged natural nail replacement phenomenon. These nails are very easy to apply and they can last for longer periods too. Removing these nails are easy too – if you are dealing with someone capable. There is a slight chance for yeast infections to occur if the nail dislodges itself from the base. Hence, it is important to take some precautions while using these nails. The warmth and moisture present within such crevices will only help in augmenting the growth of all kinds of microorganisms.

An Introduction To Gel Nails

There is some slight sophistication for gel nails in comparison to the conventional acrylic nails. The nail application procedure might appeal deceptively similar. However, there is an elaborate application of ultraviolet rays so that the mixture applied on the surface of the nail hardens properly. Some of the sources indicate that these UV rays can cause skin cancers. As expected, application of gel nails can turn out to be expensive. Yet there are many takers for these kinds of fake nails. You also need to take into account the fact that the nails will keep on growing in a systematic manner. Regular visits to the salon are mandatory for the entire nail to remain intact for extended periods.

Why Use Silk Nails?

Silk nails are not exactly fake nails. The saloon introduced these kinds of nails with the sole intention of helping women who had chipped and cracked nails. The wrap used for the procedure is silk; but some of the salons also make elaborate use of other materials such as paper and even pieces of linen. The temporary nature of these fake nails makes it much more suited when you have to attend some function or important event. There is much demand for these procedures in the salons across the globe. Some of the technicians develop their own iterations of these procedures to improve the appeal of the resultant nail work. Please do your share of research and homework before opting for fake nails. These nails can cause allergic reactions in the fingers for some women. Why should you take additional risks by visiting an unlicensed salon? Instead, pay the additional amounts for more mental peace. Please keep us updated with your findings and experiences.

Fake Nails
Fake nails

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Fake Nails
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Fake Nails
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