Apply Various Nail Art Designs and Look Trendy

Nail art designs have been gaining a lot of popularity over the past years. At first, women used to have them done from nail salons, however, today, there are so many step-by-step instructions available online that can help paint nail art designs at home as well. You can start with painting the nails with a base coat that is of a light colour like subtle shades of pink, blue, white, green etc. When this base coat dries up, only then you should apply the second coat.  

After that, its time to decide the nail art you want to paint on your nails. You can try your own creativity as well or search online for some simple nail art designs online that can easier for you as a beginner. Stripes are quite easy to draw and thereby, you can paint all sorts of stripes including the vertical, horizontal, diagonal and the wavy stripes. However, one benefit of stripes is that you can opt for two contrasting colours, zebra stripes and even multi-coloured as well.  

Dots too are accounted as one of the easiest nail art designs. You can keep a base of dark colour like red, black, pink etc and apply some multi-coloured dots or even varied sized dots on the base colour. This is going to look very contemporary and glamorous and will surely attract a lot of glances. There are many cool nail art designs that require a bit of creativity like blend of colours and shapes. For example, you can try circles, triangles, stars on a light base colour. These gives a very trendy look, however, you need to be careful enough in painting the nail art so that it gives a neat touch.  

Another idea about nail art design is that you can divide the nail by splitting it into two colours, the striking they are, they catchier they’ll look. Paint one side with a bright nail colour and the diagonal half with another bright colour. The contrast would be striking and would look even more incredible. This is a very simple design that can be applied within minutes. Most of the nail art designs are applied with the help of nail polish pens. However, beginners can go for mini stickers as well with a light base coat, just to have their fun.  

To paint some really funky nail art designs, you can apply a base coat of light colour like white or pink or any other subtle colour. You can then paint on different smiley faces with varying expressions on each nail. For beginners, small flowers are also accounted as simple yet adorable nail art designs since they can be filled with different colours. All the aforementioned nail art designs are very simple and ideal for all beginners who can perfect their skill with constant practice and later paint some creative designs as well.

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