Applying Acrylic Nails

Artificial nails or acrylic nails, are very nice. You can show them at any length, and on any color. You can imagine in the whimsical and designs have painted on them. You can even wear artificial nails and nail pierced rings.

What are acrylic nails? Acrylic nails are also called fake nails, artificial nails that are glued on the real nails. Many of the women, such as wearing them for several reasons. Some women feel that the wearing of long nails make them feel beautiful and feminine, but they found that the hiring of their real nails grow more instead of wearing acrylic nails may be too much of a hassle. Real nails, finally can get very fragile can grow as long, and they chip off.

Some women, on the other hand, want to look their best for a particular event or special occasion, and also to do their nails. Acrylic fingernails painted with an elaborate scheme are a direct striking.

There are also some women who deliberately choose to artificial fingernails to an end to their nail-biting habits. Acrylic nails, after all, are not that easy to find, and a nail-biter would certainly think twice before chewing on her nails done fantastic.

Women who want the perfect set of acrylic nails get things done by a professional at a nail salon. But a session at a nail salon for this purpose can get quite expensive, and acrylic nails should be maintained at least every two weeks. Not all women can afford to give that a large part only to their nails done.

Fortunately, acrylic nails can be done at home. Do your own artificial nails at home is not easy at first and it does take some work, but with practice, you can below the knee.

Below is a step-by-step process to get artificial nails:
Clean your nails. Make sure that your cuticles be reduced and that what old polish on your natural nails have been removed. You should also trim your natural nails as close as possible, but not too close. In case you snag acrylic nails, fake nails can tear away a part of your natural nails as well. Such damage is not only very painful, but can also lead to infections. Moreover, with natural nails visible under the acrylic nails do not look tight.
Nagel Some experts argue that you should rough up your nails by rubbing grit submission of a block in their first before applying the acrylic tips to ensure that the tips adhere closely. Some, but do not think that is necessary at all. Whether you choose to rough up your nails or not, keep in mind that roughing up the nails can cause damage to your natural nail bed.

Once your nails are clean and dry, put some nail glue on your nails and then fall in acrylic tips. Make sure the ends are appropriate to your nail bed as best they can. If they do not meet the size of your nails, file until they do. Only the nails before the glue dries quickly, so they would not appear crooked. In the event the nail glue dry before you could get the fake nail, would you just have to enjoy the finger in a nail weeks to get it off and repeat the process.

Trim the acrylic nails at the desired length. If this is your first time to acrylic nails, start with a modest length just to get used to the feeling and avoid injuries.

Mix the liquid acrylic with the acrylic powder in a bowl temper, and then carefully apply the mixture on your fake nails as you would a nail. Please note that one of the mixture on your natural nail bed, otherwise it could lead to the development of fungi on your nails.

When you’re done with that, the final step would be to buff your nails and nail polish.

Artificial nails are very nice, and they last longer than the nail on natural nails? two to four weeks before the acrylic that compared to two to five days on natural nails polished. For the removal of your fake nails, you have to do is enjoy your nails in a nail enjoy, which often consists of acetone. The weeks can be done in half hour. Never, ever snap your acrylic nails off because it might tear away some of your natural nails in the process.

If you acrylic nails, then you must apply the nail oil on them once a day. Nor can you try not to apply too much pressure on your nails to prevent you injured, and wearing gloves when you are doing household. The chemicals in most household products to cause the acrylic to weaken and discoloration.

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