Can you apply Press-On Nails by yourself?

The answer is yes.
Even if you think that perfect nails can cost you a big fortune, the true is something else.
If you lern to apply press-on nails at home your problem for beautiful nails is no longer a real problem.
To apply press-on nails is simple and with a little bit of practice you can achieve a very polished end result.

If you want to start this procedure you should know that you will need the press-on nails, the cuticle stick, a nail file and some extra glue.

Well, prepare your fingernails for the press-on nails. If your nails are perfect clean is even better, because the nails will stick much better.
Begin by filing down your nails to one length, and remember keeping them on the short side.
You must remove any polish that may be on your fingernails so you will have a clean nail bed. After this, wash and dry your hands to remove any creams or

posible lotions.

When you apply press-on nails, you will need to figure out which fingernail goes on which finger
.That’s simple too , but be prudent.
If you have slender fingernails, you may file down the sides a bit just to make them fit properly and good.

Start to apply the press-on nails.
Place enough glue on the surface of your natural nail to cover the entire surface.
Place the press-on nail firmly over your natural nail, and hold it in place for about a minute or two while the glue sets ok.
If any excess glue comes out on the edges of the nail, promptly remove it with the cuticle stick.

Remeber! Practice makes perfect when you’re trying to learn to apply press-on nails. Good Luck!


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