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Fake Nails

Fake Nails

How do you remove fake nails


Nail art is actually quite an extensive hobby and people who take it up are quite literally experts considering they have to keep in check with everything ranging from color [...]

How to do Fake Nails


Whilst shopping at the cosmetic aisles in various department stores, one is astounded at the high cost of fake acrylic nails. Why spend so much when you can just grow your [...]

How to Put on and Remove Fake Nails


The art of mounting fake nails is quite uncomplicated. You will be able to frame them on in a couple of easy steps and make them appear amazing. Fake nails either acrylic or [...]

History of Fake nails

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History of Fake nails can be traced back to Chinese and Greek royal families, which were using these artificial long nails as a status symbol. Long nails distinguish royal [...]

Make your fake nails look real


Long, beautiful, strong nails are a dream of each and every girl in the world. They really add a lot to your personality and give you a new look altogether. No matter what [...]

Different Types of Fake Nails


Today, you may commonly come across different artificial or fake nails since they are very frequently used by women at large for fashion purposes and also because they give [...]
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