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Fake Nails

Fake Nails

Fake nails explained


Long, flawless, perfectly shaped nails are certainly enticing. They give your hands a feminine and classy look. Today’s women are keen of keeping themselves prim and proper [...]

Fake Nails for both the sexes


Ugly, weak, short and brittle nails are a nightmare that leads to the invention of fake nails. The conditions specified earlier are usually caused only by nail biting, are a [...]

Fake Nails

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Ugly and brittle nails, usually caused by nail biting, are a common problem for several ladies and this is the main reason why the innovative concept of using fake nails is [...]

Collecting Fake Nails


Collecting fake nails can be an exciting hobby. Aside from the fact that you can use them in different occasions, you will experience the pleasure of seeing them in your [...]

Putting On Fake Nails


Putting on fake nails to make your hands look more beautiful is fast becoming a trend. You can buy cheap fake nails and make them look expensive depending on how you apply [...]

Fake Nail


At present, many women have some nail problems. Nails of some women are missing, some women have brittle, weak nails, the growth of somebody nails is very slow, nails of some [...]

Fake Nails How to do it


Longer nails are prone to chipping and breaking but there’s an easy solution to that problem. Fake nails are available in store or you can have it done professionally. [...]

About Acrylic Fake Nails


Fake nails are ideal for creating a nice polished appearance. Some people can have natural beautiful nails, other don’t. Those who can’t may consider wearing fake [...]

How to remove fake nails?


What is the best method to remove fake nails? If you applied them at a nail salon, it would be good for you to remove them also in the nail salon. But, if you want to remove [...]

How to Put on Fake Nails


7 Steps to put fake nails: 1. Go to the local  store and pick out the best looking nails that you can see. 2. Buy a bottle of good nail glue and make sure you know how to [...]
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