Choosing Your Nail Polish

Many people are using nail polish to doll up their nails. When your nails look beautiful, you feel confident as well. This is true; however, painting the nails is not just about being beautiful — it tells something about the person who is wearing the color.

Many do not know that applying nail polish has a lot of benefits as well. Aside from making your nails look attractive, it can also serve as their protection. Painting them with a polish that contains Vitamin E can give them moisture, which will result to healthier nails. Some nail paints and polishes in the market contain ingredients that aid the fingernails to become healthy. You can opt to buy an organic nail paint or polish instead of the regular ones to ensure that what you’re using will not cause damage to your fingernails.

If your fingernails have flaws, applying polish on them can cover up those blemishes. Some nails have spots and they don’t look pleasant. Some have splits due to brittleness. A nice paint can cover up these imperfections.

It is true that colors tell something about you. For that reason, you should carefully consider the nail paint color that you would have. If you will be going to a special occasion, it is vital to choose a nail polish color that would compliment what you’re wearing. That will enhance your looks on that particular event.

Before applying nail polish, it will serve you best to get a color chart first and place it beside your skin. By doing that, you will be able to see which among those colors will match your skin tone. People with fair complexion should choose something with a blue base. They would definitely look stunning on a cranberry, strawberry or raspberry shade as well. It’s not advisable for them to use dark paints.

For those who have medium skin tone, yellow, blue, burgundy or wine colors would be best. Olive-skinned people would have to go for orange and brown-based shades. People with dark skin should go for vibrant colors like deep red or strong plum.



In choosing the color, you can also consider the weather. If it’s summer, you can take any pastel shade that will look fun. If it’s winter, dark hues will look just great.  

If you think you want something new and you’re not happy with regular nail paints anymore, you can try applying nail art. There are kits available in the market and you can do it at home. Most salons offer this service right now as well and you can get a pro to apply it on you.

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