Creativity at its best: Expressing through Nail Art

Where you think nail art is just painting your nails in different shades, its time to re check your century. Today, nail art is a fashion of its own, as it becomes a method of showing creativity off. The nail industry is introduced with different products and ideas every now and then. The variety of designs and options that you have are never ending and neither are the people who are interested in this little adventure.


When it comes to nail art, you can even consider stickers as they have made their own segment in this market. From metallic stickers to 3D ones, you name it and you will get it. New designs are introduced every now and then and the most popular ones today are rhinestone stickers. Since the technique of applying stickers is easy and accessible, people are becoming familiar with this form of art now. If you have fake nails, these stickers will look amazing on them but fact remains that these stickers are perfect for any nail size. Teenagers and even children can use these stickers to be a bit creative on their end.


Nail art is a versatile fashion in which you can add as much imagination as you want. Whether you want to go wild with unique patterns or stay with the old school smoothness, the choice is completely yours. Women have always been finding ways to pamper themselves and even in the older days, they used to paint their nails with juice from a trees bark and henna to introduce a minute version of nail art in their era.


It is the Indian market that is flourishing with this art today as they give away different patterns such as polka dots, tattoos, stencil art, abstract, geometrical patterns, Swarovski’s and numerous other options. Now, as technology has been introduced in our lives, nail art is even more reformed than it ever was before. Different trends and designs flash in the markets today as history is created all over again. Innovative accessories have made their mark in the cosmetology department. 

Nail art allows a person to enhance their outlook as a whole by adding a different look to the nails. You can sass up your outfit by adding a contrast colored design on your dingers. Now, with the nail technicians giving their best shot, we have acrylic nail art, French manicure, tore nail art and other nail designs to experiment with. In addition, airbrush, 3D nails glittered nails, water marbling, nail jewelry, colored acrylic and crushed shells are just a few examples of what you can get. All of these serve the same purpose of making a woman look more attractive by adding color to her nails. 

Therefore, if you think that nail art was only restricted to different tones and shades of pinks and reds, you are now educated with the extreme form of art that it is known for now. Women have their ways of making everything interesting and even the tiniest part of their body enjoys the intense attention that they pay to it. Proof? The introduction of nail art in the first place.

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