Elegant designs at the tip of your fingers

After taking a look at our trends, should we be surprised to know that women of ancient tribes used to decorate their eyelids with prestigious designs? Starting a long time back, women have realized the power of design and have been decorating their body in different ways since then.

The reason one wears the accessories and buys different products is because one gets judged by the appearance the moment one leaves the house. Everyone wants to make a personal statement about their likings and their dislikes, and this can all be said quickly if we appear the way we want. Women, in every culture, have the right to decorate herself in any way she finds appropriate. A woman’s nature is to make every part of her body attractive, hence the reason why everything a woman owns is with beautifully designed floral patterns and majority of times contains beautiful aromas as well.

There is no reason why almost all body is decorated with exuberant designs while nails are just coated with one or two colors of nail polish. Nails are a part of body which is well taken care of as they can also reflect a person’s personality and habits. This is the reason why one goes for manicure and pedicure after almost every two weeks. Now days many salons offering manicure and pedicure also offer to decorate your nails if required. Nail art is one of the fashion trends that have gained a lot of hype, not just in young age groups but among adults as well. It is considered to be just like accessories and other beautiful designs you chose to wear since nail art can also reflect your personality and choice. Not just that but you can also make a personal statement about your ideology and esthetics by carefully picking a nail art design and matching it with the dress you plan to wear.


Nail art is not just limited to designing beautiful patterns with color polishes but it is using a variety of different materials as well. Materials such as precious stones, metals, beads and plastic are attached to the nail. Since all of these materials can be carved or molded in different shapes, this gives the designer even more creative choices and freedom to design the specific patterns as required by customer. Other than these materials, there are some other ways the patterns can be enhanced or decorated; one of the popular techniques is by adding glitter as many people like to have a sparkling and eye catching design. In many cases, people also use stickers which are carefully designed on computers or by hand and are cut out to fit the shape of customer’s nails.

You can also purchase a nail art kit of your own if you think the salons charge too much. Nail art may seem to be a very hectic task, but it is fun when one gets the hang of it. You can create your own designs instantly and also have fun exploring your creative self and/or enjoying the activity with family.

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