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At present, many women have some nail problems. Nails of some women are missing, some women have brittle, weak nails, the growth of somebody nails is very slow, nails of some woman are not good looking , some have short nails and some have some other nail problems. Fake nails are the best option for them. Fake nails are available in many different colors and in many shades. Women easily get these fake nails in any cosmetic shop or in the nail salons or spas and choose the pattern that they want to style on their nails. Some designer fake nails are also available in the market which works very well and offer a complete outfit on some special occasions. Fake nails are available in numerous styles as sculptured nails, acrylic nails, fiberglass, artificial gel, silk, linen and fiber wraps, gel nails and so on. Among these fake nails, fiberglass nails are the best as they are quite strong and offer a natural appearance.

Gel fake nails are available in two types as “light cured” gel nails and “no light” gel nails. “Light cured” gel nails require ultra violet rays to be placed on the natural nails while the “no light” gel nails are simply put by the use of a glue or an adhesive. Some fake nails have plastic nail tip so that the fake nails can be applied at the outer edge of the natural nails with the help of some glue or adhesive. Acrylic nails are supposed to be strongest and lengthy nails. These nails are quite thick in appearance and offer an artificial look. As the adhesive dries, these nails are appears as a part of the natural nail. Due to regular use of fake nails, there are more chances of fungal infection and also the natural nails become uglier and weaker. Mostly people use the fake nails on their toenails. Fake nails are available in every size. If a remover is used on the fake nails then it can eat the fake nails. Toe nails has slow growth rate than the fingernails. So, very few women have long toenails and that’s why almost women wear the fake nails on the toenails. One of the reasons to use fake nails on toes is that the natural long toenails create a problem in wearing shoes and also it is quite uncomfortable to have natural long toenails. Fake nails are quite long and allow a nail artist to design various long patterns on the nails. Fake nails are easily cracked and require immediate recovery otherwise they cause harm to the natural nails. There is also some procedure to remove the fake nails that is take some acetone and dip the tips of the nail in the solution for few minutes and after some time the nail falls off.

Fake Nails
Fake nails

Can’t stand the cracking, splitting and breaking any longer? It could be time to try on some fake nails for size Artificial nails (fake nails) are a good option if you bite your nails or have trouble growing them. Some women try fake ones strictly to kick their habit, while others …

Fake Nails
Health Tip: What Causes Brittle Nails?

Brittle nails can be a normal result of aging. Or they can indicate a medical abnormality.Here is a list of things that can cause your nails to be brittle, weak and break easily, courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine: Frequent use of nail polish, remover, hardeners or other …

Fake Nails
How to Take off Fake Nails

How to Take off Fake Nails You can take off fake nails yourself, however, it’s always better going to a professional salon, where you will get the right treatment. 2 Steps: 1.Put the acetone in a bowl and stick in your hands for about 14 minutes. 2. Use the wood stick and gently start …