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Fake nails explained

Long, flawless, perfectly shaped nails are certainly enticing. They give your hands a feminine and classy look. Today’s women are keen of keeping themselves prim and proper from head to toe; where nails have significant importance. Those who are graced with naturally long and ideally fashioned nails, merely need a monthly manicure. However the rest of the lady lot tends to fake nails so as to get the chic and elegant look.


There are several varieties in fake nails; acrylic nails, wrap nails, gel nails, solar nails. Primarily fake nails are made up of acrylic fabric which blankets the surface of the natural nail completely and extends beyond the natural nail, adding length to it. Acrylic nails, are considerably the most famous fake nails in the market, however gel nails are believed to be safer than them. You can also go for wrap nails that involve the use of materials like linen, paper, silk or fiberglass that are glued.  Shaping your nails nicely, maintaining them and taking good care of them is a hard task. Not everyone has the expertise in that sphere. It’s not even that you have to live with short nails; fake nails are meant for such people. Not only this but also those who are habitual of nail biting or those who have brittle nails can opt for fake nails because they are hard and strong.


Thereby, it’s not easy for them to break or chip off. Fake nails play their best when they are adorned by intricate details and designs, satiated with vivid colors. Moreover they can also be fancied with tiny sequins, gems, beads, stars, etc.


Goading all those men to believe that those classy nails in fact belong to you won’t be much of a hassle if your nails are done nicely. Besides the aesthetical charm the nails must be fixed properly. Make sure not to over glue as the glue is very sticky and always start from the centre advancing to the sides. While affixing the nail ensure that the cuticle remains untouched. Before fixation if the nail is brushed with tea tree oil, it will prevent fungus formation. Pure acetone helps to remove the remnants of the glue.


Stated all the fantasy of fake nails, the subsequent question that arises is that are they user friendly? Many people who have brittle nails would plump for fake nails but that might not be the best solution. Often due to any bumps or knocks the fake nail might apart from the natural nail creating a room for fungus and bacteria. This eventually results in infection. Furthermore, the nail application can lead to cancerous diseases as it has been researched that harmful and unsafe chemicals are involved in the process.


Though they have their cons, fake nails is a long-lasting vogue. Gel nails make your nails look real so get your nail kit now and create your own canvas.  Meddle with your creativity and enhance it with vivacious colors, beautiful and intricate geometrical or floral designs!

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