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Fake nails for nail biters

The nail biting usually leaves you with small and unattractive nails. For this reason women use artificial and acrylic nails. The nail biting never lets the natural nail to grow. Even the nail biters find it difficult to prevent biting artificial nails. This made the artificial nails chip and break off. Nails are an important aspect of beauty. So it is important to keep them look pretty by any means. The nail biters find it difficult to maintain the natural beauty. Some times the natural nails are soft and breakable. Such ladies surely need fake nails.

But for making the nail biters leaves their habit, fake nails can play a significant role. Actually there are numerous health problems attached to the nail biting. Also it does not look good that you bite your nails while sitting in the office or with the friends in an education institution. Psychology students may perceive your habit of nail biting as lack of confidence. Remember this will never leave a good impression of your personality on your friends. Nails are dirty and on biting dirty nails you can take in germs.

This habit reveals some kind of stress and anxiety. Psychologist may be consulted if the habit can not be left easily. For curing the people with this habit, now the fake nails are used. Moreover, it has been found that small kids usually bite their nails when they feel hunger. In medical terms it is considered as onychophagia. Sometimes, nail biting affects the skin attached to our nails.

The oral infections are also observed in the nail biters. The worm eggs in the nails get digested when you bite your nails. Such circumstances surely need doctors and experts to do something.  Psychological impact of nail biting is even worse as the personality, self esteem and confidence is banged out with this habit. Mostly it has been observed that people use bitter taste nail polishes to take over this habit. This has helped many people to leave nail biting. The use of fake nails can also ensure the leaving of this habit as the fake nails can not be eaten like original ones. The women who can not keep long natural nails due to their habit of nail biting usually seek artificial nails.

The artificial nails can prevent you from biting your natural nails. So for the nail biters the fake nails application is a good idea. Uneven nails can be covered with the fake nails. The doctors’ advise the nail biters to cut their nails after a week even if they have grown a little bit. Obviously, when a nail biter will not find nails to bite every day, how will he continue with the bad habit!  So in short, the nail biters can leave their habit of nail biting with the application of fake nails and they can also hide their ugly, uneven nails. These are the two advantages a nail biter can get from the application of the fake nails

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  1. hello, my daughter is 12 and she is a dancer. She attends a competition every week and dances to a very high standard dancing for her country. We have a problem as she bites her nails right down till they bleed. She bites them so low normal fake nails have nothing to stick to. I was given just the white tips to stick on to the very end of her nail which seemed to work but we have run out and I have been trying to find more to buy. Does anyone know where I can find these. Ideally I would love her to stop biting them. we have tried all the anti biting formulas on the market but nothing works. Please please help as she has a major competition in 2weeks time and she really cant go on to the floor with little sore stubs!!

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