Fingernails: how to stop biting nails!

A lot of people wonder how they can stop biting their nails. There are a few tricks you can use to stop nail-biting. Unless you want to go the hypnosis route, which some people swear by, you do have a couple options other than sheer willpower. One is to apply the very disgusting (and therefore, highly successful) nail biting cream like Control It!), which you paint onto your nails. It tastes so bitter you won’t dare bite them. A new product on the market which doesn’t taste any better, but is definitely worth trying is Jessica ‘Nibble No More,’ a no-nail-biting polish with bitter cactus extract as its secret ingredient. Another option is to keep your nails painted.

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Nail biting
Health Tip: Don’t Let Your Child Bite Her Nails

Health Tip: Don’t Let Your Child Bite Her Nails It can lead to infection (HealthDay News) — Not only is nail biting an unsightly habit, it has health consequences, as well. According to the Nemours Foundation, chewing nails down to the cuticle can cause bleeding, which exposes the skin to …

Nail biting
Causes of Fingernail Biting

Obsessions, compulsion, and aggressiveness are the three top causes of this disorder. Many people claim that they bite their nails as a way of relaxing or in situations like stress or distress. Any of these altered states can trigger off the unconscious nail biting habit. It is difficult to say or …

Nail biting
Do You Still Bite Your Nails?

Woman just love taking care of themselves, it is a fact. Having all the latest products on the market is a must, but how many times do the little things that matter, actually get left out? The nails are one of the most ignored parts of the body, and worse, …