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Fingernails: how to stop biting nails!

A lot of people wonder how they can stop biting their nails. There are a few tricks you can use to stop nail-biting. Unless you want to go the hypnosis route, which some people swear by, you do have a couple options other than sheer willpower. One is to apply the very disgusting (and therefore, highly successful) nail biting cream like Control It!), which you paint onto your nails. It tastes so bitter you won’t dare bite them. A new product on the market which doesn’t taste any better, but is definitely worth trying is Jessica ‘Nibble No More,’ a no-nail-biting polish with bitter cactus extract as its secret ingredient. Another option is to keep your nails painted.

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8 Comments on Fingernails: how to stop biting nails!

  1. the polish isnt great, you get used to the taste eeventually that u dontnotice it anymore. not good!!!!

  2. i agree, i’ve tried the stuff that tastes horrible and it only works for like 3 days. i got used to it really quickly. i think i’ve actually tried everything but i can’t stop, it’s so annoying!!!

  3. Im a 15 year old girl i’ve been trying to stop biting my nails for 3 years now and I found a solution i get my nails done all the time the truth is you can break a bad habbit in 28 days.

  4. uhmm…. i bite my nails, not out of habit, but out of nervousness. when i get real nervous i bite my nails… and once i even (by accident dont worry) made myself bleed. so any ideas? the nails polish, and cream stuff doesnt work. so pleaseee help me!?!?!?!

  5. I have a 3 year old daughter who bites her nails I haven’t try anything yet but i was looking in to those nail polish. Her habit is getting worse and she does it cosntantly not only when she is nervous. How early in age have you ladies started with this habit?

  6. I’m 17 and i cant stop I’ve tried almost everything nail polish and fake nails but i just pull them of with in two or three days. in fact I’m a pro at removing acrylic nails i can have all ten off in five minutes and that’s an hour after getting them put on. so i need help!!!!

  7. I am a very nervous person and have bitten my nails for 70 years. I bite them right down to the quick. I have been invited to a wedding but my nails stop me from going. Can I get Gel nails if there is no nail to glue to. I once tried acrilic nails but the filing was too painful as they were bitten off and there was no nail only the nail bed. Please help me as I am suffering a complex because of this. Marie

  8. I’ve been biting nails since I was a kid. It became kind like an addiction and believe me, special bitter drops I got to stop me from doing that, only managed to get my fingers off the track to it’s miserable destiny for couple of seconds. As soon as my mind was occupied, I wasn’t even aware when I started to bite again and wasn’t paying much attention to the taste. Eventually, I got used to it and it wasn’t able to stop me from biting.
    After about like most of the life (i’m over 30 now) of biting nails, I only last 2-3 years managed to minimise this and sometimes even completely stop. All needed was “just” some mental training. I wanted to have nice nails.. or at least not looking as bad as when they are bitten off. First I was trying to limit biting only to few fingers, trying to keep the most exposed and visible fingers clean. It wasn’t possible just to stop it, and that way I had at least some control of it. Also seeing the results was kind of motivating as well.
    Over the time biting was limited to just the smallest finger and eventually I was able to stop even that. Another tip that was helping me was to try to keep them cut shortly and filled to keep the tip smooth. If something would be sticking out, not feeling right, when my fingers would find such, I would start trying to get rid of it, digging and scratching with nails and eventually this would lead to biting sooner or later…. and when biting started, there was no stop until the “problem.. with nail” was gone.

    Hope that some of you might find the tips helpful. I’m still fighting with my habit but it surely is much better than it was before. Rob

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