Gel Nail a choice of new generation

Gel Nails have emerged as the newest and a more natural choice to acrylic nails since they don’t induce any harm to your actual nails. Likewise, gel nails dry out instantly and elevate to a lesser extent when equated to acrylics. These nails can also be applied to tone up your original nails by using them as a base coat.

The escalating popularity of gel nails have been witnessed and have enticed many to try it. Gel nail designs have been so striking and multifaceted that it certainly tempts many to adorn their nails with the latest gel fashion furor.

If you want to boost your nail exquisiteness through gel nails, it is crucial to interpret their application to forestall any harm. These nails are getting popular, although yet to be understood fully. One must not befuddle gel with acrylic, as former and latter are both of the acrylic class and are developed using the same kind of acrylics, yet they vary in their appliance. This is chiefly because they are prepared using various operations, curing processes, molecular structures, etc.


Here are a few basic directions that will direct you on putting on nail gels correctly and efficiently.

1) First, if you’ve any natural glow on your nails, then rub your nails to get rid of it. Once executed, put on one coat of primer and let it dry out entirely.

2) Get the gel brush and use the nail gel, coating a slim layer on your nail. Make certain that the brush hairs do not fall out while putting on the gel. If they do, it implies you’re placing too much pressure, which must be neutralized.

3) When done, place your hands under an ultraviolet light for 1-3 minutes until the gel dries out altogether.

4) Now, do another coat as mentioned in step two. Then, put a drop of gel on your nail and then slowly spread it on your nail.

5) Once more place your hands under the ultraviolet light to dry out.

6) Do the routine again for the 3rd time. This time diffuse the gel to get an even gel-like uniformness, and then place your hand under Ultraviolet light

7) Once the gel is dried out, file your nails to the shape you want.

Make sure, that during whole process the gel should not touch your skin, and do not use too much gel which can trap air bubble to make it look uneven. Though you can do the whole process by your own at home, yet its highly recommended to for manicurist or nearby saloon at least for first time or until you feel you can do it yourself. It appears an easy task, but when you start doing it, you will feel you need an expert advice on many steps, and some time you do not have full kit to take it through the last step.

Gel Nails
Gel Nails

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Gel Nails
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Gel Nails
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