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Gel Nails

Most of the women are generally conscious about the beauty and length of their nails. However, it is not possible to grow the week and breakable nails at all. The soft and fragile nails break of easily when women work and leave them with painful hurt on the finger. For this reason, most of the women find it difficult to grow nails. The only way to make the wish of long and durable nails can come true if gel nails are applied on the surface of your real nails. They are the artificial nails that are made to stick and stay on your natural nails. They do not chip off easily. Even you can not take them off without following proper removal procedure. It is the safest means with which the ugly and unattractive nails are concealed. This the reason for which its use is increasingly becoming popular among the women. It has relieved women from the pains and care needed for growing natural nails.

The gel nails are better then other artificial nails because they do not chip off. The color of these nails remains fresh and shiny for a longer duration of time even if nail polishes are applied over them. You do not need to get them removed from the natural nails as they remain on the nails for a limited period of time. It can be applied on the nails at home as well. But it is considered better to get them fixed by the beauticians if it is your first time with the gel nails. However, its application is easy. All you need in this regard is proper time and patience. You can purchase gel nails for home application from the market near by. All the gel nail products are provided with the procedure of gel nail application and removal. The women who want to save their nails from the effects of nail polishes also have a preference for gel nails.

Moreover, gel nails look smart and grow like the overlays on the natural nails. In fact it is the permanent solution for the chipping and ugly appearing nails. They never give an artificial look on your nails if an expert applies it. The gel nails are introduced after the decade of acrylic nails. The acrylic nails were found to have some serious issues for the health of natural nails for this reason; gel nails are now used in most of the cases. Even you can repair the gel nails if the edges are torn or get over filed. The edges of the nails can be made with the help of gel nail covering. The strength of the gel nails can be enhanced with the addition of silk and fiberglass. They are thin and clear in appearance, give your nails a natural look for a longer period of time. Furthermore, these nails are prone to breakage, yellowing and resist lifting. These are few advantages of gel nails which are making it common nail care means, among the ladies.

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