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liquid gel nails

Gel nails are artificial nails having an extremely realistic look. They are thin, flexible, non-yellowing and non porous. Gel nails give their customers a natural look and give them durability equally like acrylic nails. Gel nails are having a growing market with the passage of time. Salons are flooded with customers of gel nails and gel nails have been adopted by almost 90% of Europeans and will be taking over the markets of United States in the next few years. Gel nails are preferred over acrylic nails because of their disadvantages such as odor and lifting and nail damages. Clients prefer these nails due to this reason as well that they are durable and they don’t have to visit saloons for proper maintenance at home which the y would have to go for if they would have been using acrylic nails.

The purpose of gel nails is to cover the damaged or cracked natural nails. The goal of gel nails is that after some time natural length and beauty of nails can be achieved and the client can end up wearing his or her own nails instead of some artificial gel nails. The gel becomes a strong base for the natural nails and prevents them from cracking and damage. The gel is an essential but not some fake nail being worn by the client.  It is just an enhancement such as a hair color which is enhancement for hairs. This enhancement must never be removed and same happens with hair color once someone starts to use it. Gel nails were made from a special dental gel powder in history. Gel nails are applied in a number of steps. The nail is first sculpted; it is then subjected under ultraviolet rays and is treated. The advantage of gel nails is that a fewer filling of these are needed as compared with acrylic nails. These nails must be installed only by professionals.

Below you can find more about liquid gel nails, what is liquid gel nails and  liquid gel nail products. I love this video.

Buyers beware there is actually a real liquid gel (as you can see in the youtube video). The powder gel is supposed to be more “clear” than acrylic, but the liquid gel nail has a much stronger hold on your nail bed, it doesn’t crack, chip or lift like traditional acrylic full sets, overlays or fill ins.

One important factor is that your cuticles must be moisturized all the time even if you are not wearing your artificial nails. The supply of moisture to your nails as well as hands after removal of gel nails is really very important.

One disadvantage of gel nails is that they are costly than other types of fake nails such as acrylic nails. Gel nails are designed to make your nails longer and more durable. This is just like a treatment for damaged and cracked nails. Gel nails are not only easy to be applied on everyone; they also look good as well. Some other advantages of gel nails are that they are odorless, due to this they can be used quite easily without any hesitation. These nails give a natural feeling to the client, due to this the client feels comfortable by wearing these nails. These nails are thin and light-weight making it ideal to be worn at all times. Its crystal clarity also makes it easier to be worn adding to the natural feeling to the client. These nails are flexible and do not break much easily when they become lengthy.

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  1. Actually, gel nails do turn yellow and acryllic do not. Gel nails also lift and crack and require as much maintenance as acryllics do. Ive had both and so far prefer the acryllic as they do not turn yellow in sunlight and tanning beds.

  2. I have used gel and acrylic. When I have gel done at the salon they use something called powder gel, then top that with a uv top coat. They last a long time without lifting, don’t yellow and are shiny and natural looking. Several months ago I began buying IBD gel nail stuff at the beauty suppley store and learned to do them on myself. They don’t have the powder gel, just a liquid gel and they told me the powder stuff at the solon isn’t actually gel. (Even tho the container at the salon said “gel powder”). I t does look nice when I do it, requires WAY less filing and stays shiny. However, they lift after a few days! So what is the difference between the powder gel and gel? And can I buy the powder gel? I’ve invested a lot on money in the UV light and other supplies, so I’d like to keep doing them myself. I don’t have time to do them every week though. Any suggestions?? Thanks!-Marcy

  3. I have had both done and I prefer gels. They absolutely do not turn yellow. I have had gels on continuously for 8 months and lay in the tanning bed 4 times a week and have never seen discoloration. My nail tech uses all liquid gel,never powder. The layers of gel give me a natural looking and durable nail. I only have to get a fill-in every 5-8 weeks which is very convenient for my lifestyle. So I would definately recommend gels over acrylics.

  4. The salon I go to also uses a powder over my nails lets that dry and then adds the gel liquid and puts them under the UV light. I don’t like this process because I want to wear my nails short but the powder makes the nail look too thick. I keep asking my tech to give me a thin layer but the powder is always thick. What type of process should I be looking for when I go to a stylist to get my gel nails done?

  5. I am extremely pleased with the gel nails and want to have some supplies of my own for an ’emergency.’ I have the curing lamp and brushes, but do not know the best UV ‘building gels’ for a reasonable price. Can someone recommend a top quality line of gels that is a fair price? I see “Sint” for sale for very cheap but am hesitant to purchase the cheapest I can find.
    Thanks, and happy gellin’!!

  6. “Real” Gel nails do not turn yellow. The salon’s or manufactures are not using real gel products. I use OPI and Gelac products and have never had a problem with yellowness, cracking, lifting, etc. You usually get what you pay for and you can’t do “cheap” when it comes to gel nails ladies.

  7. I am a nail tech.and i have completly switched all of my clients to gel. when I say gel I am talking about the gel form of gel not a powder. when i remove or fill a new client who thinks they have had a gel service from another salon and describe the process to me it is clear that they have acrylic nails on. I can immediatly smell the acrylic when I start drilling, so ladies if your tech is using a powder and liquid IT IS NOT GEL. IT IS ACRYLIC. the gels are very thin and flexible allowing you to grow your own natural nails, but can also be built up thicker for strength when needed.I also have NEVER had a client come to me with discolored gels from sun or tanning. The trick to beautiful lasting gels is making sure your tech or if doing them yourself uses a good protien bonder(you will have no lifting) and real gel comes in gel form and needs to be cured under the uv lamp not just the top layer coat or finish on your nails. I love gels and will never do another set of acrylics.

  8. I just got gel nails for the first time about a week ago! I have always had nice nails, however the nail polish, no matter what brand, irritated and caused my cuticle to become split and become infected which is painful! The gel nails are terrific and I no longer have any irritation to my cuticles! They look lovely and feel healthy!

  9. I have never had any kind of fake nail because I was always told the fake nails and chemicals cause damage to the real nail and since it covers the nail the nail is deprived of necessary oxygen & anything else necessary to keep the nail alive.
    I am thinkingof getting gel nails. I work with small engines and computers 6 days a week…how well will they hold up to grease and chemicals?????
    My nails split and flake so badly that I have to keep them cut super short all the time.

  10. i have just gotten my nails done by a salon, requesting gel nails. i now know (and suspected when they were placing the powder on my nails) that the nails i recieved are not gels. i am extremely unhappy because i wanted gels to attempt to grow my natural nails. Please watch out for these false treatments.

  11. I had the gel nails done by the same tech twice. First time I was very satisfied, lasted 2 weeks. Second time, they only lasted one week and started pulling off. I went to a Beauty supply store and purchased the supplies to do them myself since the tech was not available to repair the one that totally came off. They are yellowing.. I did not buy cheap supplies.. bought all the recommended ones. I wonder if the UV light can turn them yellow during the curing process if they are under for longer than the recommended times? This question prompted me to this site.

  12. I also came here Tamera because mine too turned yellow. I was using a 9Watt UV light with gel polish. I have just changed it to a 36Watt as I am worried that I lost track of time with the other since I was told to wait 4 minutes for 9Watt. I too think that they were ‘overcured’. Will update 🙂

  13. Angela Gebensleben // September 17, 2016 at 10:11 pm // Reply

    I am trying to figure out why my students are using Nail Basiks gel and every time they cure the product in the lamp the clear gel is turning yellow. Please help me.

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