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Gel Nails best for weak nails

Beautiful, good looking nails are not just a fashion statement but an essential for the today’s woman. These days, with the advent of different and creative nail art designs, one has a great collection to choose their nail designs from. All of them look really fabulous and chic. Some women go for the funky, vibrant designs by going with nail arts like air brushings or pink and whites, while others want to go for simple and sober look and choose acrylic nails or gel nails. Though Gel nails are comparatively new and not as common as acrylic nails, yet there is not much of a difference between the two. In the acrylic nails, the components used are a liquid and powder whereas in gel nails, the ingredient used is obviously gel.

Both gel nails and acrylic nails bear same results as far as looks are concerned, though there are slight differences in them which set them apart. The application technique of gel nails is also different. The technician will apply several thin coats of gel and allow each coat to dry separately under a UV lamp for at least two minutes before applying the next coat. This process usually involves a bit of skill and professionalism so it would be better not to try it at home if you are thinking to apply it for the first time because the gel nails are hard to remove. And if you know how to apply them then the good news is that now you can also get yourself gel kits. If you ask me how these gel nails are better and preferable then I will tell you that these UV gel nails are stronger, more lengthening and are a perfect solution for those nails that break or damage or crack easily. Other good factors include their lightweight, natural look and it won’t remove easily. Applying gel nails to your original nails is a proper step-by-step process where the gel nail is sculpted. After sculpting, the nail is then allowed to be treated under UV.

Some important things need to be kept in mind before and after going for gel nails. You should make sure to get your hands manicured before going for any specialized nail treatment. Your clean cuticles and clear nails will ensure maximum results and besides it always enhances your blood circulation too. Gel nails look extremely good and attractive but can be a little more costly than the normal acrylic nails, but the results are worthwhile as the gel nails are like a permanent solution to the damaged, cracked nails. The nails show off a complete natural look and give your hands a brand new look. Make sure to keep your nails moisturized once you get removed regularly because it is very essential for the well-being of your nail, especially if your nails are prone to breaking or cracking. Do try Gel nails and feel the difference, they are really effective and stylish. A must have.

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