Gel Or Acrylic

I am often asked by my clients what is the difference between gel and acrylic … many of them heard in salons only gel. Here are the differences :

Acrylic nails are made from a polymer ( powder Acrylic ) and a monomer ( liquid crosscuting ) . The combination of the two products resulting material is applied to the natural nail , or the extension . Immediately after combining the two products material begins to dry (approximately 60 seconds ) and manicurist must shape nail technician quickly. Acrylic nails are harder , heavier and is pilesc are the most popular and used worldwide.

The nails of the gel building material of a ready- (gel ) can be applied to a natural nail or expansion . This material dries only a special lamp , manicurist technician with more time available for modeling nail. These nails gel can easily pili being more flexible.
– The gel is odorless / Acrylic has a stronger smell , pungent ( may bother some people ) ;
– The gel is recommended for people who do not hold much manual labor as well to blow ( crack , slaps ) / Acrylic is recommended for all people , especially those who work hard and use more computer keyboard because it has high resistance and no crack ;
– Gel nails should be maintained more often ( max 3 weeks ) / acrylic nails to hold up to 6 weeks without maintenance ;
– Gel is shiny, spectacular / Acrylic is more matte , give the appearance of natural nails .
– Gel removes the nail through his filing to anoint natural ( which can be painful operation , excessive thinning natural nail ) / acrylic nails removed by introducing a special solution -Tips Off you soak , nail by cleaning the very light and remain unaffected.

In US most salons prefer gel application method , because there are many professionals who have the skill and ingenuity to work with acrylic and is much cheaper. Technicians in our renowned and abroad recommend acrylic because it provides more opportunities to work. With acrylic ( known in popular terms as porcelain or resin) can build a much more natural and even perfect nails.

When asked which affects more than the natural nail : gel or acrylic , the answer is not applied materials affects the nail (unless they are very cheap or not applied properly ) but the person applying nails can damage your natural nail by filing excessive .

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