Gel Nails 6 Advantages 4 Disadvantages

Hands are a real neat card for any self-respecting woman . What could be more beautiful than a perfect manicure all the time? You do this with modern methods , but find out what are the  disadvantages!
The most modern method is the application of the nails or acrylic gel , or as a coating or in the form of false nails made ??of these materials. Considering all the myths circulating on account nail to see the advantages and disadvantages of this type of manicure .

6 benefits

1. They are much stronger than natural nails
False nails are an alternative if natural does not grow enough , peel , break , you wont bite them or simply want a perfect manicure for longer .
Perfect French permanent
The dream of having a classic French manicure , perfect and not hurt for a few weeks is finally a reality ! That does not mean you have to give your daily activities , it just means that your nails will cope well with all tests. You escape and minor imperfections such as bumps or grooves on the surface of the nail.
3 Long nails
If you do not allow your natural nails to keep them long , protective gel helps to keep the length that you’ve always wanted . In addition , the form will always be ideal and perfect nails symmetrical .
Models outstanding and varied
Nail allow you to give free rein to the imagination in terms of their decoration : nail painting , three-dimensional applications or piercings .
Nail polish last longer
If you want to convert classic french in a color full of personality , you can always use your favorite nail polish quiet , the good news is that gel nail polish will stay intact longer than the natural nail and will be a perfect sheen .
Are you tired of it ? There’s nothing a wipe and stick with the same perfect manicure at first.
6  Restoring broken nails
You have to break a nail ? There is no problem with using these materials , the angle can be restored so that you will not be able to distinguish natural .

4 Disadvantages

Natural nail must be filed
There is the myth that acrylic or gel attack and destroy the natural nail . In fact it is true that natural nail is slightly affected , but because of the materials , but the fact that you have filed for the gel has easy grip . The process , however, is not harmful to the nails than hair dye .
Attention to water
State hands long water ( due to job , household crafts or sea holidays ) can cause partial separation / total natural nail gel . No appearance is not the happiest , the detachment appears as a whitish opaque stain .
3 Maintenance
Whether you like it or not , false nails / gel protected serviced every 2-3 weeks. Otherwise, it will be a total unsightly appearance , the visible difference between gel nails and increased again . In addition , depending on the length of the nails and daily activity increases fracture risk .
Addictive !
Perhaps the biggest drawback is that really addictive ! They are extremely practical and superior permanent show nails no longer break . No one price is not prohibitive , if we count as normal manicure cost us , but one that will be required weekly.


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