Getting Airbrushed Nails Done At The Comfort Of Your Home

Throughout generations, women have paid special attention to the procedures that helped them to have beautiful nails. Even on this day, we have access to the many numbers of strategies, which could augment the default beauty of the nails in a significant manner. Lately, airbrushing the nails has been gaining popularity. Some women dislike the idea of putting nail polish on their natural nails. They need that extra oomph factor which only airbrushing the nail can bring about. Not everyone is a fan of installing acrylic nails to their natural nails. Opting for airbrushing is the best way out for such people.


Can You Do Professional Level Airbrushing Of Nails At Home?

Many women hold on to the misconception that it is not possible to get a professional grade airbrushing done at home. This used to be the scenario until some advancement occurred within the domain. Now it is possible to airbrush the nails even without spending your valuable time and money visiting a professional salon. For this discussion, we will be looking into certain effective ways to airbrush the nails within the comfort of your home. It is a good practice to start the process by gently filing the natural nails. Filing too much of the nail, will only help in worsening the nature glow and texture of the nail in the long-term basis.


Why Should You Gently File The Natural Nail?

The underlying intention of this filing process is simple. Filing will provide a good surface for the base coat (which we will be applying shortly) to adhere. Proper adherence of the base coat to the nail must occur. Only then, the true vantages of airbrushing the nail will come forth. Some online sources indicate that we can skip the process of applying the base coat. Whether to skip it or not – it is entirely up to the reader. However, the professionals love to apply the base coat so that the airbrush designs can last for longer periods. It is important to do the airbrushing procedure as a series of continuous steps.


The Other Aspects That You Need To Know

As a rule of thumb, there must be an initial background color. The rest of the colors will come only on its top. It is a good practice to opt for light colored shade for this initial background coloring. This will help in revealing the true depth of the rest of the colors. For complicated designs, you need to use a nail stencil. Stencils of diverse kinds are available from online as well as offline stores. Select a stencil that you like; it should bring out a modest appeal. Ask someone else (preferably a friend) to hold the stencil when you are using the airbrush gun. There is a small tendency for the stencil to slip. Take additional precautions so that it does not occur. The smearing of the colors will occur if the stencil slips and you will have to redo the entire sequence of steps mentioned above. After successful application of the stencil’s design, please apply a fresh coat of light colored polish over it. This can help to keep the design intact for the many days to come.

Airbrush Nails
Airbrush Nails Pics

Airbrush nails pics

Airbrush Nails
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Airbrush Nails
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