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Glam up your fingers with Solar Nails

Like it or not, your nails influence your outlook significantly. The fingers that have clean, well-manicured nails may be more appealing and sophisticated than those with unkempt nails. In addition, it is not that people like keeping their nails improper; some naturally have brittle nails, others do not have time for regular manicures and pedicures and there are many whose professions and chores prevent them from maintaining beautiful nails. Yet everyone deserves to look pretty, and there is an excellent solution to dazzle up any hands and feet- solar nails, the new nail solution!

Solar nails are emerging as an amazing and popular form of artificial nails. If you have already used or seen acrylic nails, you will realize that they offer a similar solution. However, if you are looking for better results then you may want to try a new variety that boasts of both, beauty and strength. In their intrinsic form, these nails have the look of a customary French manicure; light pink bases with white ends. Not only do they look smooth, they also feel sturdy. As their name suggests, they are resistant against sunrays and do not get tarnished easily. Once you start using them, you can say good-bye to chipped, discolored nails!

Wearing these pretty nails is not hard. You may try them yourself but it is better to ask a nail technician. To fix them on, it is important to cleanse the natural nails with the right products.  Afterwards, the nails are buffed before coming into contact with the solution that will make the nails stick. Unlike the acrylic types, solar nails do not involve fingernail extensions; they are essentially positioned directly on to your own fingernails or toenails. Usually, the white portion of the French nail is applied first. Once this is done, the pink portion is applied over it. As a result, they will look like normal fingernails, only better, shinier and stronger.

You may feel that solar nails are more expensive than other artificial nails. However, once you try them on you will realize that they turn out to be more economical than acrylic nails; they last longer and you are able to cut down your expenses on those regular replacements and frequent manicures. For instance, you may have to change your acrylic nails after a week but the solar nails can spend way more time with you to keep your fingers glitzy.


Are you scared of applying enamel colors out of fear that your nails may absorb the unnatural colors and look ugly? Well, you no longer need to resist those vivacious nail colors because you can instead smear them on sturdy imitation nails like solar nails. You can apply and remove colors without worrying about discoloration of your original nails or your fake ones; good solar nails are more resilient towards polish removal products than other acrylic nails. Therefore, you may experiment with different colors and designs while protecting your nails from several nasty chemicals. Wear your nails, just the way you like them. Solar nails are the perfect solution to prettier, healthier and stronger nails.

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