Nail Art Ideea

Nails by Esther Glas

STEP 1 Apply a covering layer of the base colour of the Happy kit. Apply two layers of the glitter nail polish of the Happy kit.

STEP 2 Apply Propaint ‘Night’ with the Slim Brush n°1 in a cross shape. Apply these crosses not in the middle but a bit off centre. These stripes run through towards the other side of the nail so they run underneath the following steps.

STEP 3 Apply a range of Stars, Pearls and Glitterstones of your choice. Put all these stones in the middle of the nail. Use a variation of sizes and shapes. It is advisable to use colours that go well together. Use the colours of the glitter polish as a guideline.

STEP 4 Apply a layer of Hot Gloss to seal and protect the entire nail.

Nail Art
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Nail Art
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Nail Art
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