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Nail Art Ideea

Nails by Esther Glas

STEP 1 Apply a covering layer of the base colour of the Happy kit. Apply two layers of the glitter nail polish of the Happy kit.

STEP 2 Apply Propaint ‘Night’ with the Slim Brush n°1 in a cross shape. Apply these crosses not in the middle but a bit off centre. These stripes run through towards the other side of the nail so they run underneath the following steps.

STEP 3 Apply a range of Stars, Pearls and Glitterstones of your choice. Put all these stones in the middle of the nail. Use a variation of sizes and shapes. It is advisable to use colours that go well together. Use the colours of the glitter polish as a guideline.

STEP 4 Apply a layer of Hot Gloss to seal and protect the entire nail.

Nail Art IdeeaNail Art Ideea 2

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  1. when I use this nail polish by the senocd day or so it starts peeling off. Does this happen to you and what do you do so it won’t look so bad. I’m trying everything possible to make my nails strong bc I’m tryig to avoid getting acrylic which I was addicted to getting them done for about 15 yrs and I’m trying to keep my natural nails. I’ve had them natural now for two years but them breaking often isn’t skiing and making me want to get acrylic SO BAD

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