Healthy Nail Care Tips For Glamorous Hands

It has been years now that people have been using varying stuff on their nails to either decorate them or nourish them for natural shine. Nowadays, people believe that nails are equally important in telling your personality just as you wear your clothes or apply make up. Even though there are many artificial nails that you can find in the market today, however, natural nails have their own profound look. Even if you intend to wear any of the artificial nail types, it is nonetheless important to maintain them. Thereby, why not take proper care of your own natural nails and have the same affects.


Nails require as much care as any other body part. This is why it is pertinent for all to endow them with the same amount of attention. You should include more fruits and vegetables in your diet to give you nails a healthy look because in this way they would be consuming healthy vitamins and minerals. Juices, water and food that are rich in zinc are equally essential for healthy, strong and beautiful nails. You should make it a habit of oiling your nail at least once a week before going to bed.


Always file your nails at a same length as it stops them from splitting and gives them a nice look. And make it a habit of filing your nails in one direction. Nail buffing plays the role for blood circulation and oxygen to the nails and gives your nails shinny and strong look. Don’t do it harshly as it can damage your nails and would certainly spoil your glamorous looking hands look as well.


Further, you may also try protecting your hand against dryness by applying hand cream. Avoid using nail polishes frequently because nail polishes can cause dryness to your nails. Hand massage helps your hand not only in circulation but also encourages healthy growth to your nails. Try to apply these things as a part of your daily routine to give your nails a healthy look. Eating a healthy diet is equivalent important for nails just as for the rest of the body. Try to use calcium products more often as it keeps your nails strong.


Make it a habit of applying petroleum jelly into the cuticle as well as on the skin surrounding the nails, however do it after applying moisturizer. Always wear gloves while doing some house work. It will shelter your nails from accidental breakage. Never file your nails immediately after shower as wet nails can break very easily. Never use artificial nails as it not only destroys your own nails but can also cause any fungal infection to your nails as well. So, if you want to keep your nails healthy and strong then you should keep a regular check of your nails about their condition and colour.

Nail Care Tips
Nail care Tips

Below are some useful nail care tips: Never clip nails to shorten them. Use an emery board to file nails down to size. Apply a top coat almost daily to help protect the tips. Use nail polish remover as infrequently as possible – especially those containing acetone. Most nail polish removers …

Nail Care Tips
Nail Care Tips

Maintaining healthy natural nails is not as complicated as many may think. As with hair, nails are usually their healthiest in their natural state, requiring a bit of nail polish for protection and regular applications of hand cream as a moisturizer.In fact, many argue that using natural nail strengtheners, which chemically crosslink the nail plate, is actually …

Nail Care Tips
Beautiful and Health Nails Tips

1. Eat protein rich food for white bands across the nails. 2. Deficiency of hydrochloric acid causes nails to split. 3. Deficiency of vitamin B 12 can lead to dryness, rounded and curved ends and darkening of nails. 4. Eat food rich in zinc to prevent white spots on the …