How Nail Biting Can Damage Your Nail Polish, Manicure, And Social Life

With any luck you kicked the unsightly habit of biting your nails before you ever got to high school. But if you are among the countless individuals, who still engage in nail biting, then you probably know by now how badly it can affect the beauty of your hands. There are other disadvantages out there for nail biters as well. Engaging in the activity can hurt you in business and social situations. If you are still engaging in this habit, you could even be putting your health at risk. The time has come to stop-or suffer the consequences of a habit that can quickly send your life downhill in a hurry.

For starters, your health should be important to you, and if it is, then you should be staying away from the activity of nail biting. Think for a minute about the bacteria traps that are the fingernails. They come into contact with a variety of germs, from the bathroom to uncooked food and all points in between. It is so easy for an individual to forget what he has touched and moments later find himself instinctively gnawing away at his nails. The possibility of passing along harmful bacteria to the mouth and into your internal system is great unless you kick the habit once and for all.

But if health reasons are not enough to keep you away from biting your nails, then you should also consider the social faux pas. Nail biting is typically seen as a disgusting habit that children involve themselves with. When you are 30 years old, single, and still trying to find that special person to enhance your life, the last thing that you want to be seen doing is chewing your bacteria traps. How could someone ever want to become intimate if they start putting two and two together and realize the things you are risking? Furthermore, it is a subtle but effective reminder of immaturity, something one does not look for in a companion the older he gets.

Finally, biting your nails is the very picture of unprofessionalism. You can’t expect to be taken seriously by your superiors if you are constantly seen engaging in a bad childhood habit. If you are equally qualified as another candidate for a promotion, you’d better believe the small things will stick out in a big way. You don’t want your bosses to rush to judgment about your ability based on a silly habit.

Once you have kicked the habit of nail biting you can start to focus more on the care, upkeep and beauty of your nails, and that can give you a feeling of confidence that is unequaled. The time has come to put away childish things. Let this be the next on your list.

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