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How to Apply Gel Nails

Gel Nails are a new, more natural deputy for acrylic nails, and they aren’t dangerous because they don’t harm your natural nails.
Gel nails lift less than acrylic nails and dry in seconds.
You can even use them to help growing your natural nails when you use them as a base coat to strength your nails.

If you want to apply gel nails you must remove any natural shine you have on your nails and apply coat of primer and let it dry long enough.
Now you must brush a little gel on your nails; you can use the brush that came with the gel when you bought it.Apply the gel like you apply your usual nail polish as you already know, from your cuticle to the end of your nail.

After the procere is done you must let the gel dry,and it’s better for the nails to use a special lamp (try to use it for 3 4 minutes) to dry it.
After the gel dried apply the second layer of gel, slowly spread it out over your whole nail.Now you can put your hand under the lamp and wait it to dry.
Repeat this procedure with the gel for the thired time.  Now you may allow the gel to go on slowly to for a gel-like consistency. Use the lamp again for dry them perfectly.

As a finale touch file your nails to obtain that shape that you really want.


7 Comments on How to Apply Gel Nails

  1. where can i find a nailsalon around Orlando how work with OPI Gelnails

  2. gel nails are amazing and so easy to apply. i bought a bottle of nail gel and applied it and it dried in about 20 minutes in total. easy for parents who have kids and dont want to keep going to the salon. love them

  3. Wow… i bite my nails 24/7 how can i stop???
    i am not sure how to stop biting them…do u have an idea? plz reply if do!!!
    oh… and i’m only 17 years old…am i allowed to get my nails done i vancouver, at this age?
    if not where can i get them done at 17 years of age? if u have a comment plz reply!

  4. Getting you nails done is allowed at any age especially in canada.

  5. I have gel nails now. How long can you leave them on before you get a new set?

  6. I asked for gel nails at my local nail salon. I had nice ling nails. I used to bite them so they are very thin and split on me. I got all 10 long. I asked to have a gel overlay on them. They started fileing and putting on acrylic. They put the gell vover thet. They were pretty but not what I asked for. My nail bed was toast. I was told gel nails didn’t hurt your natural nail. Don’t let them put anything else on your natural nail.

  7. I use the Gelish nails at home and absolutley love them. I appy several thin coats and them down and shape them with my Kupa Electric Nail File that I found on EBay. I love these gel nails and I can go for 3-4 weeks between manicures. One thing that I’ve learned is that the “curing” in the UV lamp is very important. Darker colors, like dark reds, browns, etc. take 3 minutes for each coat in a regular 36 watt UV Lamp. With that said…when you’re finished, you’re thru for weeks! I also use 90%+ alcohol to clean my brushes & wipe my cured nails and I file & then soak my old nails for 10-20 minutes and they come off very easily. And “lint free” wipes are a must as cotton can only be used to soak off the nails and then tossed ASAP. Think that’s a lot of trouble??? That’s why the nail techs charge more for gel. It’s very time consuming and they have to totally devote all their time to you only! A good gel nail tech can make $100 an hour and they deserve it!!!!! If you want to try this at home, remember you must have at least a 36watt UV lamp and a good grade quality product like CND, OPI, Tammy Taylor, IBD, etc. Just the lamp alone will run a miniumum of $75 and that will last about 6 months before you replace bulbs…or you can invest in an LED lamp that will run $500+. LED’s are good because they cure the polish much quicker which saves tons of time if you have the $$$ to invest in one, I would go for it. I’ve gotten soooo many compliments on my nails since I started “Nail Gellin” about a year ago. I’m almost 60 but I’m really thinking about going for my license and maybe going to home bound people to do their nails. People are begging me to do it…what do you ladies/gents think? Would it be worth the 4K investment?

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