How to Apply Gel Nails

Gel Nails are a new, more natural deputy for acrylic nails, and they aren’t dangerous because they don’t harm your natural nails.
Gel nails lift less than acrylic nails and dry in seconds.
You can even use them to help growing your natural nails when you use them as a base coat to strength your nails.

If you want to apply gel nails you must remove any natural shine you have on your nails and apply coat of primer and let it dry long enough.
Now you must brush a little gel on your nails; you can use the brush that came with the gel when you bought it.Apply the gel like you apply your usual nail polish as you already know, from your cuticle to the end of your nail.

After the procere is done you must let the gel dry,and it’s better for the nails to use a special lamp (try to use it for 3 4 minutes) to dry it.
After the gel dried apply the second layer of gel, slowly spread it out over your whole nail.Now you can put your hand under the lamp and wait it to dry.
Repeat this procedure with the gel for the thired time.  Now you may allow the gel to go on slowly to for a gel-like consistency. Use the lamp again for dry them perfectly.

As a finale touch file your nails to obtain that shape that you really want.

Gel Nails
Gel Nails

Artificial nails are in great demand presently. All women want long and healthy nails. But the nail growth rate of some women is quite low. So, to enhance the beauty of their hands they go for artificial nails. Gel nails are a type of artificial nails. These  gel nails offers …

Gel Nails
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Gel Nails
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