How to do Fake Nails

Whilst shopping at the cosmetic aisles in various department stores, one is astounded at the high cost of fake acrylic nails. Why spend so much when you can just grow your nails? Well, sometimes girls clip their nails whenever they get the chance without realizing that they have an important event coming up. This is when they start to panic and are perplexed as to how they will grow their nails as soon as possible. Therefore, this particular article will provide pre-teens, teenagers and just girls in general with easy steps in order to make fake nails at home. This will definitely reduce the hassle of last minute shopping for fake nails, which sometimes give disappointing results.


Firstly, you need the basics; these are found in almost every household. These include using transparent or slightly opaque tape, scissors, an art brush, clear nail polish, glitter, baking soda, and a nail buffer for perfecting the areas and finally, glue. Yes, you might be wondering that these items are quite a lot, however, once you start making the fake nails, you will forget about the amount of items being used. Some people might find this entire process a bit daunting and very time-consuming, however, according to several YouTube tutorials, this process is extremely easy.


Moving on to the first step, you first cut out and put a piece of tape on the tip of your fingernail. Then, you look closely at the size of your fingernail and make another cut out of the tape so that it entirely covers the upper part of your fingernail. This will give your nail square-shaped tip, thus, making your nail very elongated.

Now, moving on to the second step, you use the buffer and rub incessantly on the part of your nail where the outline of the tape is visible; doing this will remove the line and make the tape visible. Now, your fake nail is almost there.


Now, you use your small paintbrush and dip it in glue; you will apply the glue on the acrylic part of your fingernail. This will make the upper part of the nail very glossy. After this, you need to dip your acrylic nail tip in a pot of glitter. This will give your nail a sparkly fingertip; it’s your choice as to which glitter colours you want to use. After this, you use that paintbrush and dip it in baking soda; you need to remember that this paintbrush was previously dipped in glue. Now, once you dip it in baking soda, the glue will become white. You will then apply the baking soda glue on the rest of your nail, excluding the glitter part. In this way, your nail will have a white base coat, to give it a more professional look.


After this, you will use another paintbrush to apply glue on the glitter part of your fingernail, in order to make it glossier. Your fingernail is now ready; repeat the same process with the other fingernails and voila!

Fake Nails
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