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How to do Gel Nails

Today, ladies are available with many options to make their nails appear attractive. Gel nails are the best option available for ladies who wish long and durable nails. Growing weak nails is difficult for the women who are nail biters. The ladies who cannot take care of their nails to make them grow due to busy routine life may use gel nails. These nails are available in many types but the two important types are: light cured and no lights formulas. Any of these two may be selected according to the preferences as both are equally good. However the no light gel nails are increasingly becoming popular due to the easy application procedure. The gel nails are very thin and look like natural nails. The delicate look makes it appear natural when you apply them on your fingers. Another plus point of these nails is that it does not turn yellow at all. You can use the gels to make any kind of shape of your natural nails. Even the repairs of broken natural nails are done with the help of gel. If you require extra strength in your gel nails you can add some fiberglass in the gel before applying it on your nails. Moreover, doing gel nails is similar to the application of nail polish. The application is not difficult. Like other artificial nails which are meant to stick on your natural nails for several days, the application of gel nails is not easy to be done by own. If you are getting them done for the first time¬ł you should see a beauty parlor to avoid trouble. Later on you can do it yourself but it will definitely require patience and long time. The ladies who are interested to do the gel nails at home, we are suggesting few easy steps with which they can apply gel nails themselves at their home. Furthermore, the gel nails are applied sometimes on the tips of your nails, on whole natural nails, on broken edges or on the broken spots. Here we are stating a simple method with which you can apply gel nails on entire natural nails.So first of all, get the gel from the market and read instructions carefully. After this apply glue on your natural nails and then apply a coat of gel on each of your nail. The coating must be like applying the nail polish. Soon after applying a coat of gel on your nail, dip it in the powder available with the gel nails pack. Wait for a while and then apply the gel again. Dip your nail again in the powder. Repeat this procedure once more. For any kind of gel nails use filer to rub off the shine of your natural nails. Use a medium type emery board to shape the edges of nail plate according to the relative size of your nails. Hold the gel nail at the angle of 45 degree and apply it with nail glue on the outside tip of your natural nail. Slide the gel nail to adjust it on your original nail. Keep holding it on the right position until it sticks to the natural nail. Try to fix it on the correct direction as removing the gel nails is not easy.

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  1. I went to have what I thought was gel nails & now wonder what I got. I had white tips put on, a powder was used with a liquid, much like getting acrylics, but the liquid was not smelly. There was then a thick coating applied over the hardened powder & I had my hands placed under a UV light. What type of nails did I get?


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