How to Put on and Remove Fake Nails

The art of mounting fake nails is quite uncomplicated. You will be able to frame them on in a couple of easy steps and make them appear amazing. Fake nails either acrylic or gel could be put on from the solace of your own place. When applied the right way they’ll appear astonishing. Putting on your own saves time and cash and subsequently you’ll become an expert at it that they’ll appear professional.


The opening move is visiting the local store or beauty saloon shop and selecting your preferred fake nails. They come in various modes and lengths. You’ll be able to get them pre painted or you’ll be able to use the nail polish yourself afterwards when you wear them. You’ll require a bottle of nail gum. The finest part about the gum is that is normally already accompanies your set of fake nails. Make certain you buy the right size nails. You’ll be able to see the size of it by putting them. They should cover your nail from all sides; make sure they should not hang down from any side.


Now that you’ve your fake nails selected and all your things are in situ, it’s time to use them. You’ve to use a tiny drop of the gum on the core of your nail. When you’ve the drop of gum on your fingernail you’ve to distribute it out. The most significant thing to think about the gum is that you do not want to over glue. If you ever done that, do not carry on, its better to clean your nail or wash it, before starting it again. You’re now set up to wear them on. Hold the tip of the nail and lay it over your finger nail. After putting them in correct order, you can use a filer to trim your nail as required, or leave it as it is. Now your nails are as beautiful as your hands.


Setting up is easy; yet, there are a few who is having a difficult time bumping off it from their nails. Women use different kinds of chemicals to remove these nails. Most of them do not know, it’s as easy as any thing else. Women are still using old methods of soaking their hands for specific time in different chemical solutions available in the market, they have no idea what that chemical contain neither they care about it. Some time, these chemicals can be harmful to the skin, as people have sensitive skin. Therefore, before buying any such thing, it’s important that you either ask the local drug store or read the printed material on the bottle. Do consult with your saloon or any one else who has some knowledge of it. The easiest way to remove your fake nail is to use acetone polish remover. Just use a little bit of acetone on the sides of your nails, and pushes them from the sides to make them loose. If acetone is not available, you can make use of hot water with soap and dip your fingers in it. You have to wait for a few minutes before they got soften. Then you can slowly remove your fake nails from the original.

Fake Nails
Fake nails

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Fake Nails
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