How to Put on Fake Nails

7 Steps to put fake nails:

1. Go to the local  store and pick out the best looking nails that you can see.

2. Buy a bottle of good nail glue and make sure you know how to apply it. (use it)

3. Find the right size nails, and check them with your own nails. If they look good, you have found the right ones.

4. Apply the nail glue to your nail by lightly covering your real nails.

5. Take your first nail and place it on the real one and try to get it a little bit under your cuticle.

6. Put the other nails on, and press down hard.

7. Once the nail glue has dried, you can decorate your false nails with nail varnish, leave them as they are or cut them shorter, depending on which you have bought.

Also read this:

Warning: the nail glue is VERY sticky.

Fake nails might ruin your real nails, but they will grow out.

Fake Nails
Fake nails

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Fake Nails
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