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How to remove fake nails?

What is the best method to remove fake nails? If you applied them at a nail salon, it would be good for you to remove them also in the nail salon. But, if you want to remove them at home, you should put your fingers in acetone or nail remover for some time (minutes). After that use a fingernail file to remove them slowly. After that, soak them in alcohool for 9 minutes and apply some beauty cream before you polish your natural nails.

That’s all about removing fake nails.

10 Comments on How to remove fake nails?

  1. Does it hurt when fake nails come off

  2. It depends on how attached they still are. But for me if I’m pulling them off and they are still pretty attached then yes. it hurts.

  3. An easier way to do it is let them grow away from your cuticles a bit and then soak them in water as hot as you can can stand. Then soak them in nail polish remover until they become gooey and take them off. then put on cuticle cream and moutorize to keep your nails from drying out and weakening.

  4. Just be sure not to rip or tear them off. I accidentally did this. I thought “they feel loose enough, I’m just going to rip them off the rest of the way” and it TOTALLY ruined my real nails. Almost all of them had like a layer of nail ripped off… not from the end, but from the surface of the nail. So now all my nails are really thin and rough textured. They’ll grow out, but it’s going to be bad for a few weeks.

  5. My nails are rough and the top layer is off because when i got my nails put on, she shaved off a bit of my nail. It was the first time I ever got them done this way… I don’t think I will get fake nails again. I just ripped mine off…and not all of the fake nail came off 🙁

  6. i wear acrylics all the time….yes they are not great for your nails however i find with them on my real nails underneath grow much faster. in terms of taking them off- nail salons charge around £10 just to take them off. All they do is use pure acetone(which you can buy pretty much anywhere). Either just bite them off after about 3-4 weeks(careful of your teeth) or cut the majority off with nail scissors and then soak your fingertips in warm acetone for 10 mins or so. The acrylic will turn ‘gluey’, then just use a file or blunt knife to scrape off the excess. Acetone costs around 2.99… do it yourself and save some money.

  7. Hi girls, I just bought a buffer (kind of a cardboard nail file for acrylic nails, the kind they have at the salon). It costed about 50cents, and I filed the surface of the fake nail with the rough side, then with the fine side. Then applied a polish. This way I kept just a bit of the fake nail to protect the thinned part, and I’ll wait for my natural nails to grow and do their job. Didn’t hurt at all 🙂

  8. Hi I recently got fake nails (the kind with the white extension tips and gel base). I have only had fake nails done once before and now I regret it because it has only been two weeks and I can already see my nails underneath are about the same length as the fake nails. The salon I went to told me the first time that removal was free, however when I went back to get them taken off as they had become yellow, they charged me about twenty dollars and then fifty dollars to have them redone. The first time I had them done which had only been two weeks before that for my graduation, it only cost thirty dollars. I do not wish to return to this salon ever again, but I’m afraid to take off my fake nails by myself. What brand of nail polish remover would you suggest to best remove them? As well, what brand of strengthening nail polish works best for after my fake nails are removed as my own nails will now be damaged? I had been looking at Essie and OPI..

  9. Ugh, im thirteen and got acrylics because I have been told I have beautiful nails.My fingers are long, and i have very nice nailbeds, I have been asked to do hand modeling in the past but I havent really put much thought into it, I just got acrylics and I was so sick of them I ripped 5 of them off,my real nails are now weak, rough, thin, peeling, and yellow. I have no idea what to do to take the other 5 off, help!

  10. Im 12 and today I was a hand model and I have to take them off for tomorrow because I have to do it again. Please help me! I dont want my real nails to be rough and weak.

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