How to Select a Nail Polish Color?

To have great and beautiful and also well-groomed nails it is a very important thing that both men and women can do to look good.
Anyway, with thousands of nail polish colors for women to choose from, picking one that looks great with your skin tone and with yourself can be very hard and difficult.

You can think about what it’s your coloring your nails for. You may say it is a black-tie event, consider what color your dress is. If you didn’t knew by this time, red polish looks great on toenails or fingernails. If you want to match to your skin tone, hold up many and different nuances of red to see what looks best with your skin tone. If you can’t tell you may paint each nail a different hue.

If you want a fun look in the summer for example, try a pastel pink or blue, purple or green on your toes. This is that kind of something that is exposed in flip flops, but hidden in the office. That said, avoid this look on your fingers, if you don’t want to have and like a juvenile look.

For a cool look in the winter, you can try a hue of very dark (almost black) red. Try different shades on your nails to see what looks best with your skin tone. Usually dark pigments with a purple-blue base look better on darker skin and colors with a reddish-orange base look best on lighter and gentle type of skin.

If you want to make your sheer colors show on your nails, start with one coat of a frost color. Then make a coat or two of your sheer.
This thing, will give you a lighter base to work with and will allow you to use less coats to get it to show up.

If you didn’t knew before for dark colors, keep your fingernails very short. This can eliminates a vampy look. Always complete with a shiny and nice topcoat.
Don’t be scared to have fun with color on your toes, but remain to more basic hues on your fingernails.

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