How to take off acrylic nails

Besides the difficult removal of the acrylic nails, this is the best option for the women who have thin and fragile nails. Sometimes, the health conscious ladies also avoid growing nails if they cook and eat using hands. Acrylic nails can be used by all such ladies. This is the perfect solution to make your nails and hands attractive. Acrylic nails can stick on your nails to provide you with the natural nail shine and unbreakable long nails. Good quality acrylic nails do not easily chip off, but for even the quality acrylic nails also, there is limit of durability. However, if have never used artificial nails and have irregular nails, you must use acrylic nails. They are safe and are best to keep your confidence on self. You can save your natural nails from the chemicals used in the nail polishes if you apply acrylic nails.

However most of the times, it is found difficult to remove the acrylic nails. You definitely think that you need the help of second person in this regard. The troublesome and painful removal may make you hate the acrylic nails but if you adopt a proper tactics, you can remove them with relative ease without seeking the help of any one else. So to take off acrylic nails, proper measures should be adapted to not to damage the natural nails on which you stick acrylic nails. For this you must gather some tools prior to taking acrylic off. Get some olive oil, petroleum jell, filer, clipper, pure acetone, cotton, strips of aluminum foil and a towel.


When you have gathered the tools you can start with patience and great care. Remember try to take out plenty of time for this, as it is a time consuming procedure. It is better to do it on your off day, if you are interested in removing them at home.


Now start with cutting your nails so you may work on the small nails to remove the acrylic. After that, use your filer on your nails to file off the acrylic nails on your natural nails. Filing will help the acetone to react sooner with the acrylic. If you do not get acetone you can use any quality nail polish remover to remove your nails. Apply some petroleum jell on the surroundings of your nails to prevent harmful effects of acetone.


Now fill a bowl with acetone and dip your hands in it. It is better to cover the bowl with a clean towel so the acetone may not evaporate. It will remove the gels with which the acrylic nails are attached to your natural nails. Let’s your fingers dipped for about half an hour. After 30 minutes, you can remove your fingers from the bowl.


Now take off the acrylics carefully and slowly. When you are done with the removal of nails, wash your hand thoroughly. Use cotton balls soaked in nail polish remover to clean the remains of glue on your nails. In the end, apply olive oil on your hands after drying with a towel.

How to remove acrylic nails at home without damage natural nails (take off acrylic nails)
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