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How to take off acrylic nails

Besides the difficult removal of the acrylic nails, this is the best option for the women who have thin and fragile nails. Sometimes, the health conscious ladies also avoid growing nails if they cook and eat using hands. Acrylic nails can be used by all such ladies. This is the perfect solution to make your nails and hands attractive. Acrylic nails can stick on your nails to provide you with the natural nail shine and unbreakable long nails. Good quality acrylic nails do not easily chip off, but for even the quality acrylic nails also, there is limit of durability. However, if have never used artificial nails and have irregular nails, you must use acrylic nails. They are safe and are best to keep your confidence on self. You can save your natural nails from the chemicals used in the nail polishes if you apply acrylic nails.  

However most of the times, it is found difficult to remove the acrylic nails. You definitely think that you need the help of second person in this regard. The troublesome and painful removal may make you hate the acrylic nails but if you adopt a proper tactics, you can remove them with relative ease without seeking the help of any one else. So to take off acrylic nails, proper measures should be adapted to not to damage the natural nails on which you stick acrylic nails. For this you must gather some tools prior to taking acrylic off. Get some olive oil, petroleum jell, filer, clipper, pure acetone, cotton, strips of aluminum foil and a towel.   


When you have gathered the tools you can start with patience and great care. Remember try to take out plenty of time for this, as it is a time consuming procedure. It is better to do it on your off day, if you are interested in removing them at home.


Now start with cutting your nails so you may work on the small nails to remove the acrylic. After that, use your filer on your nails to file off the acrylic nails on your natural nails. Filing will help the acetone to react sooner with the acrylic. If you do not get acetone you can use any quality nail polish remover to remove your nails. Apply some petroleum jell on the surroundings of your nails to prevent harmful effects of acetone.


Now fill a bowl with acetone and dip your hands in it. It is better to cover the bowl with a clean towel so the acetone may not evaporate. It will remove the gels with which the acrylic nails are attached to your natural nails. Let’s your fingers dipped for about half an hour. After 30 minutes, you can remove your fingers from the bowl.


Now take off the acrylics carefully and slowly. When you are done with the removal of nails, wash your hand thoroughly. Use cotton balls soaked in nail polish remover to clean the remains of glue on your nails. In the end, apply olive oil on your hands after drying with a towel.

How to remove acrylic nails at home without damage natural nails (take off acrylic nails)

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  1. I actually went to the salon to remove it, and they used a combination of acetone and chipping it off. It was quite painful, I must say- however the acetone removal is not. Natural is best- no more acrylic for me.

  2. I usually have my natual nails long but when they started breaking i turned to acrylics… big mistake! i had them done right before my Junior prom and my hands hurt the whole night! when they filed my nails to prep them for the fake ones i dont think they were paying attention and they went through my nails… a couple of my fingers bled but they continued with placing things that stung on my bleeding hands. i told them i should come back later when my hands stopped but they told me it was best to do it now since they had started… so they finished my nails but they hurt so bad i couldnt even put my dress on by myself or drive from the salon… by the end of the night my friends could see the blood pooling under the acrylic and they fell off… in short check out credentials before you get them done! i dont think i will ever get my nails done again! wasnt worth the pain…

  3. I got acrylics for my aunt’s wedding. My natural nails are usually pretty long, and I keep them rounded. The first thing that killed me is that my natural nails had to get chopped down REALLY short, so just that alone meant it would be a while to get back to how I keep them. After my nails were finished and dried, my fingers were in pain. I couldn’t touch anything without hurting for a couple of days after, and my fingers felt weird for the rest of the time I had them.
    I finally got sick of them, and kept picking at the cuticle end of them when my nails began to grow out, and eventually pried all of them off of my nails without acetone or anything. Probably not the wisest decision; in addition to the damage from having that cocktail of chemicals on my nails, I stripped my nails that extra bit and they were weak for MONTHS. I’m never getting acrylics again, it was awful.

    • See that was horrible service see they did it carelessly i have always gotten acrylic nails the only problem with them for me is when i bump against them to hard . You should have not been bleeding with that process..

  4. I have really weak short nails and I have gone twice to get my nails done with arylic nails no problem. Its expected for the nails to feel “weird” when you first get them and yes maybe even a bit of uncomforable feeling on the nail as well. But thats expected. @Hatethenails, I think you just went to a TERRIBLE nail salon. Bleeding is completely unacceptable when getting your nails done so I would be more careful in picking a salon next time. @Lucyford, you shouldnt have picked them off b/c that only contributed to the pain. Both my experiences have been great and I just let the nail naturally fall off after they weaken from growth (Typically after a month or so). All I can say is that they’re definitely not for everyone.

  5. Acrylic nails are very nice to look at & they are pretty durable, but you definately pay when you take those things off, not to mention how much u have to come out your pockets to get fill-ins. Natural nails are best, and they dont even have to be that long to rock pretty colors. To each their own, but to me, theres nothing like going to the nail salon to be pampered as opposed to sitting through an hour if drills, where am I? The friggin dentist?

  6. I got acrylics for fun with 2 of my friends. i like them, but they have their downsides. Two days after i got my nails done, I almost got my real nail ripped off because my fake nail got caught. It hurt really bad. I usually have my nails sorta long and short. I dont know how long it will take for my real nail to grow back because i only tore not even half of it off.
    I like these nails, they look pretty, but they get in your way. I might get them done again, but not as long this time. I’m very carefull now not to rip any more nails.

  7. Acrylics shouldn’t be painful at all. If u went to a cheap salon they probably have family working for them that are unlicensed and not sure of what they were doing- using minimal quality items and charging u 3x what they’re worth. When the application process is followed correctly, acrylic nails are a fantastic alternative for women who don’t have time to maintain natural nails or who have weak nails that won’t grow. And this is the best way of removing them. No damage done to the natural nail and cuticle areas. People shouldn’t be afraid of acrylic nails. The people responsible for doing half-ass work and charging full price are the ones to blame, not the nails themselves.

  8. wow so many people had such bad experiences with acrylic nails. I personally love them it gives my nails lenght since I’ve never been able to grow my nails out. plus I bite my natural nails and sratch my skin so having the acrylics on kinda gets me use to not doing that and it’s very pretty. People shouldn’t complain so much. If you paid for a 20 buck manicure your going to get a 20 buck manicure i dont go to cheap places because they use low qulity stuff and dont give a crap about your nails and if your nails are hurting or bleeding at anytime you need to get up and walk out because you could get a serious infection. to take them off I usually cut off the tip soak in 100% acetone and file off then i buff my nail out and put on some cutical oil it’s the best way because if you pull them off your taking off my nail bed which is really bad. Also acrylic nails shouldnt be left on for a long time I wouldnt go past two months

  9. I kept debating on whether to get acrylics for my wedding or not, I just didn’t like the thought of getting them or how they look when they grow out. Eventually I did decide to get them and I absolutely love them! However, I do have to agree with the other girls, you have to be sure to that the person doing your nails has credentials, don’t be afraid to ask your nail tech about his/her credentials! Before I got my nails done I did ask her how long she has been doing nails, as well as other questions about acrylics. Anyways, even though you have to het them filled in every couple weeks or so, I think they are a lot less maintenance and worry than having natural nails (at least for me). The only thing I would suggest, especially to those that are not use to lengthy nails, is not to get them to long because when they grow out they will get longer and it’s easier to get use to nails slowly growing than just slapping on longs nails right from the start. =)

  10. I love love love the look of the acrylics but i cant stand the funny feeling and the sensitivity i have on my nails because these are my first ones. its hard to put on make-up at first and opening things was kinda hard to master again but i think what is most bothersome is the failure to scratch… i want to get my nails done again (and to ask the technicion not to round them as much) in the future but not for a while. its too long of a process to get used to them for me.

  11. I got them done yesterday,and im never getting them done again i think im going to stick with my real nails.Does anyone know how u can remove them

  12. Not for everyone // August 18, 2011 at 4:15 pm // Reply

    Some people definitely have their share of horror stories when it comes to acrylic nails. As for that, it REALLY depends on the salon you get them done at. I’ve had quick, painless experiences – and I’ve also had the flip-side, where nails were cut too short, I bled, they were uneven, etc. Personally, fake nails are too high maintenance for me to keep up with. Within 3-4 days, I already have exposed cuticles. After a week and a half, they’re halfway grown out. Acrylic nails are solely for special occasions in my book.

  13. I get my nails done all the time. & for those who had a bad experience with getting your nails done, maybe try a different nail salon. They’re not all bad. Where I get mine done, they take care of my nails and they never hurt me.

  14. I have read the ups and downs of everyone who has had the acrylic nails.I have very brittle nails and had my done last month before i left for vacaction.Not like all of you i loved mine.Whoever has a bad experience you need to go somewhere else.The salon that did mine are very good and i have had no problems what so ever.My natural nails have really grown out so its time i take these off.It shouldnt be painful at all if you do it the correct way.Its time consuming but it isnt difficult at all.Pulling on them and prying them all the time will only lead to nail problems.Take the steps and your natural nails will be fine.Doing it in this manner will still leave your natural nails healthy.

  15. I pay a lot to have my acrylics done(only for weddings ect and usually get them filled twice) and the only trouble I ever have is when I dont have time to get them filled and need them off. They take FOREVER to get off and thats the only downside to me. The woman who does mine owns a salon and has been doing it for 20 years. No way I would spend less than 40 for a set. They look perfect between fills, and she makes them thick since I’m sort of rough on them.

  16. well all i have to say is that i get me nails done on a regular basis and i love it and as Nathalie said you just have to be careful where you get them done at but there pretty and cheap only 40 dollars 3 dollars for a fill in so i dont know whats going on with all of the girls on here who are saying that thay hate Acrylic nails because they dont hurt me at all and ive been getting them done since i was 14

  17. Fake nails are awesome, I hate the hassle of painting them every other day because they chip. I like the neutral color acrylics. They last a month and look great. I’m a server so I constantly break my nails, but with acrylics I never do. Best idea ever 🙂

  18. My friend did them for me, I love them! She got the kit from Sally’s and she was amazing, she charged me $10 and free touchups and free re-doing if they fall off. I love them. They haven’t fallen off, and I’ve had them for 3 weeks now. She touches them up for me when I need them, and it took her about 30 minutes to do them. You just have to get used to it. I love, love, love them. They truly are not for everyone. I worked on a farm for 3 years, so I couldn’t get them then, but now I can, and I think they’re amazing.

  19. I figured out a non-expenspive non-painful way to get them off. Mine started growing out and they started to separate from my real nails. I used a sewing needle to gently get in between and just slowly pried them off by starting in the corner and running around the edge of my nail. )point of the needle pointed towards the acrylic so you’re not digging into your own nail. Also, used a file to smooth the surface then buffed them with on of the nail file that has the 4 different sides. they look normal and feel smooth.

  20. I absolutely hate them! My nails are short and I bite them but I decided I would try these and their horrible! I feel like I can’t do much and my real nails are growing quickly and I hate the space! I tried taking them off myself without acetone and it was a huge mistake! I got three of them completely off but my real nails look even worse then before! I’m going to try acetone later , let’s hope this works !!

  21. I get my nails done all the time. It usually takes a few days for me to get used to them but I do love having them on. I makes me feel really girly. I have had bad experiences where the tech would cut my finger when filing down but all and I “pain is beauty”. If you find a salon who gave you horrible service… find another one. Just saying… lol.

  22. I love getting my nails some. I’ve never have any problems with them… To be honest I think they feel better than my real nails and I don’t have to worry about getting a rough edge with them and scratching myself up with them… Like a lot of the previous people have stated if the nails are hurting if bleeding chances are it is the person who did your nails. Always always always do research on the salon…. Find out their credentials before sitting down in the chair….

  23. I seriously have no idea where you girls got your nails done. I usually prefer my natural nails just because they’re easier and more manageable and free. Yet, i’ve still gotten acrylic nails many times and they’ve never hurt, bothered me or hurt me. Before you go bashing on acrylic nails maybe you should check where you’re getting them at and by who. Once you’ve had it done properly, then write your review.

  24. I got my nails done last Tuesday for $30. The guy that did them was cutting the skin around my nail and didn’t stop to let the bleeding stop. He cut FIVE of my fingers! And then, the next day, I started noticing that the nail was ALREADY separating from my natural nail. And then on Saturday, four of the nail completely popped off. I needed them for my sisters wedding the Wednesday after I got them done. I only wanted tips not the full acrylic. I will never get my nails done like this ever again! Waste of my time and my money!

  25. I’ve never had a painful or “bad” experience when getting my nails done, be it a full set or a fill. first off a fill should be much cheaper than a full set, second if your nail tech is literally drawing blood, LEAVE! Third be picky, acrylics are not cheap, especially when done right. Think of it like you would if you were getting a tattoo, you wouldn’t go to just anyone with a tat gun and ink, you want someone who knows what they’re doing and has the reputation to back it up. While acrylic nails are by no means permanent, you do have to live with them for a little while, I mean lets face it girls, we’re not shelling out money on these things for our health, so don’t let your money or time go to waste. With the money we ladies spend to look our best, we can easily afford to be picky about anyone who assists in that process!

  26. I had a full set of acrylics done for my wedding three weeks ago and hated the gaps from them growing out. I went and bought a acrylic kit to fill them in myself and it worked but doesn’t look great. Took one off and now I hate how thin my natural nail is so now I’m trying to figure out whether to keep up the acrylic or just let them grow out. Will definitely only be getting them done in the future again for only super special occasions. They look amazing when done but are not great for us working girls who work with our hands (doing home health care, I definitely need to watch so I don’t scratch lol)

  27. I love acrylic nails. You can go plain or crazy with them- honestly reading all those horror stories was pretty bad, but I do my own acrylic nails and save a ton of money and worry. So for all you girls who like it but don’t want the stress of a Salon; it cost the same as one manicure for all the supplies to do it yourself!

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