How to Take off Fake Nails

How to Take off Fake Nails

You can take off fake nails yourself, however, it’s always better going to a professional salon, where you will get the right treatment.

2 Steps:

1.Put the acetone in a bowl and stick in your hands for about 14 minutes.

2. Use the wood stick and gently start pulling them off. If they’re still not going off, consider leaving your hands in the solution for some more time.

If you don’t have acetone in  hand, you can also try hot water; it will cause the glue to wear (go) off.

Also read this:

Be gentle! Your nails have been damaged in the “fake nail process” so don’t just pull them off coldly!


  • Acetone is a dangerous volatile organic compound. It is highly flammable and its vapors can be explosive in concentrations.


What you need:

– acetone

– a bowl

– a wooden cuticle stick

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