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Make your fake nails look real

Long, beautiful, strong nails are a dream of each and every girl in the world. They really add a lot to your personality and give you a new look altogether. No matter what age is a woman, attractive long nails are a definitely turn on for her. Ladies possessing attractive nails go a long way, impressing people and adding them to their fan list. Not only do they add style to your personality but also tell how careful and responsible you are because definitely maintain long nails isn’t an easy job. But just having long nails won’t say enough for your personality but having them well-maintained, nicely trimmed, manicured is something that really says a lot. It will leave people talking about you and remember you as the one with ‘beautiful hands’.

Unfortunately, for some women, growing nails long can be really difficult. We all are not blessed with super-strong nails that won’t break if they are not cut for some time. This may happen because of poor diet or a lack of vitamin that supports nails’ growth and makes them strong. Also some women don’t feel like keeping long nails, especially, when there is a lot of stuff they have to do on a daily basis. In these situations, growing up nails seems to be no good then a liability. But what t do when that most awaited party has almost reached its date and now there is no time to wait for those break-able hails to grow neither to take the risk of going in with small nails and be made fun of, for having manly- hands? Hang in there then, because fake nails will come to your rescue! All your worries and fears will be gone in a second when you will apply those fake nails to your hands and give them a brand-new look that is going to amaze everybody.

Fake nails can look great (and also real), some important things need to be kept in mind though, first is that if you are going for those fake nails that are available in the market, then always go for the ones that best resemble your own, natural nail shape otherwise they would look really odd and artificial. Secondly, the nails shouldn’t be too long or too small. Medium-sized fake nails work best for all kinds of nail shapes and also, they are much easier to carry off, too long nails will make it really difficult for you to work or use your hands and might come off too, if a slight opposite pressure is exerted. Too long nails will also hinder your work such as driving, doing your makeup and stuff. If, in case you don’t find the right length and shape, then you can always shape them according to your own requirement with very sharp scissors and then file them to get the perfect natural look and viola! You are now all set to steal the show with all the right moves and those pretty hands!

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