Nail Art

Nail art is a process of decorating nails with materials available from the market. Nail art is continuously becoming popular and almost hit all markets. In the last ten years nail art has gained a lot of popularity. For the advertisement of nail art, many countries have organized events to make this art popular as well as giving a platform to nail artists from all over the word to show off their skills and abilities.

There are a number of processes which come under the category of nail art. Manicure is one of such arts. Manicure is an essential makeup for almost every woman nowadays. Manicure not only deals with shaping and filing of nails but also with painting and drawing different pictures and images on nails. Modern nail artists are giving a great time to study and are coming up with different materials and techniques to enhance the beauty of nails as well as ideas for improvement of their standards and a wide range of images to be drawn on nails.

Nail art is a very interesting are but it requires a very high skill level as well as mastery over it if one wants to retrieve beautiful results. Nail art o painting is done with the help of different instruments like needles, stencils and nail brushes. Decoration is done with help of different polishes and paints available in a wide range in markets in various countries. One of the most skill-requiring arts is done by gluing beads, flowers, feathers, clips and stones over the nail giving a beautiful look to nails. Piercing is yet another nail art and it is one of the popular nail arts available these days. Nail artists pierce nails and insert chains, buttons, clips and precious metals into nails. But piercing nails require a lot of skill and practice to make the process comfortable for the client as well as painless. Nail art is a very difficult field and it requires a lot of training and study to gain better and better results. To pursue a bright career in the field of nail art, you must enroll yourself into a number of courses offered in different parts of the world in order to gain skill on this art.

Other than the above mentioned accessories one can spice up their looks by a stylish nail art. With the expertise of professionals one can enhance their looks by application of nail art. These are some of the popular nail accessories used by professionals from all over the world. These include nail stripes, which are simply peeled off and applied on the surface of nails. Other accessories which are used in nail arts are stars and dots which are available in form of stickers or polish. Water marbling is a mixture of different colors in water which is applied to nails like a polish. This is the most popular among women. Today with a number of accessories, nail decoration has become a major part of fashion industry.

Nail Art
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Nail Art
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