Nail Art – Past, present and Future

The practice of nail ornamentation has subsisted for the last 4000 years and could be traced to the people of sub continent who beautified their nails with mehndi. Modern decoration started when the Revlon, introduced its first Nail polish in early 1930’s. It was available in an extensive variety of tones and used pigments rather than dyes. The method of airbrushing nails is still comparatively fresh. It includes an airbrushing machine contrived to execute manicure nail art, which operates with a compressor to produce modern and graceful designs and figures on the nails.

Generally, a manicure requires the coating of nail polish, yet there are various nail art processes that could be imparted to the vivacious coating of paint. Several nail salon technicians are expert in putting on decalcomanias, stumpers, gems, glister and flowers onto the nails. A few people even prefer for piercing in the nails in order to have the tiny rivets and beads of some kind.

Several nail fanciers prefer to have acrylic or gelatin nails put on prior to undergoing any nail art executed. The glazed acrylic raises the patterns. A few nail art styles include adding on themes for particular vacations, such that pumpkins for Halloween, hearts for February 14, and snowbirds or anything familiar for the Xmas holidays. In Japan, 3-D manicure nail art has actually taken the public by surprise. In that method, genuine charms are fixed to the nail and carving powder is applied to develop a different 3-D expression. From unintelligible polish, to beads, putrid geometrical forms and funny book art, anything goes in this art form. The way the techniques are coming through, soon it would open new doors to not only to stylist but also to every one who is some how linked to the industry.


While manicure nail art is present at virtually all the nail salon today, a few people would like to stop by the tattoo saloon as an alternative. They give up coatings of polish and scintillating decalcomanias and prefer to get their nails tattooed. The pattern is engraved into the nail using a tattoo machine. The top of the nail is infiltrated thousands of times per min to engraft micro-pigmentation. This technique is getting quite common as it does not require much of the time. In recent surveys, it has been seen that its not only women who go for this kind of nail art, yet there are many men who are opting and making full use of this new technique.


Several young and style conscious female are adapting to nails art as the finest method to abolish dull looking plain nails. By merely putting on a colours on your nails, nail art raises the beauty of nails with its Creativity in the form of little themes, danglers, gems, glisters, ceramic flowers, etc which will prepare your nails leap out for any function. Making ornamental patterns on nails isn’t always comfortable and demands a lot of professionalism and Innovation particularly if you’re designing on some Byzantine patterns

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