Nail Art- the most innovative designing on nails

Experimenting with nails has never been this exciting! Now all the creative, funky, naughty girls can go for the most unbelievable designs on their nails and let them stand out and speak for their self. Nail art has become one of the most trendiest and fashionable practice among the girls all around the globe. The whole nail art thing is gaining massive popularity and I have seen more interested in learning this new art too along with the application. I remember when I found the only nail art shop that was available in my city around three, four years back, the designs and the different procedures were way too expensive for me to afford and so I only went for the acrylic nails despite my wish for some really funky designs but nonetheless. It still gave me a grand and extravagant feeling about my hands and I came back home with a high nose, that whole week, I kept flaunting my nails to my friends as I was the first one to go for this nail art.

At that time, we used to have exclusive nail art shops which were a bit difficult to find, but now the trends have changed so fast that one can find nail art being done in every other salon, and that too, at not sky-high prices.


Due to the raging popularity of Nail art, now all the smart girls have found themselves a do-it-yourself way to do the nail art them self by going through different tutorials and learning the art online. You can very easily find websites that offer extremely easy and comprehensible step-by-step guide to learning and doing nail art at home. Try it on yourself or become an expert by practicing on your friends. It is extremely fun and looks stylish too. You can easily get yourself nail art kits off the counter from your nearest cosmetic store and get started. At first you might feel a bit skeptical about the look but gradually your hand will get set. The whole process basically starts with the application of a base coat that allows providing you with a clear, smooth surface where you can begin all your creative ideas to show and flow. Then comes the turn of actual designing depending upon the type of designing you have chosen, after you have done that, the last step is to apply the top coat which will save the designing secure inside and won’t let it scratch off.

Choose from a wide range of nail arts from Solar nails to Airbrushed nails the always-in Pink and Whites, Gel nails, Acrylics and whatnot! You can go for sheer if you like it simple and elegant or you can go for the trendiest, hottest seasonal or occasional designs and play with your hands. The most exciting design that I got for my nails was the Halloween theme. It turned out fantastic, spooky, and really very trendy. Everybody loved it. You too try on the most extraordinary nail design and flaunt it around to let others know your individuality and style!

Nail Art
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Nail Art
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Nail Art
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