Nail biting – the reasons, disadvantages and remedies

Talking about some of the most commonly occurring unhygienic habits include ‘nail biting’. Every other child and even adults are seen biting their nails whenever they are sitting with idle hands. In fact I have seen many people complaining and bragging about this habit of theirs and saying that they really want to get rid of it but don’t know how to do that because they only start biting their nails as soon as they have totally forgotten about it and when they realize it, it’s already too late. Often girls are seen with too little and tiny nails and give a feeling as if their nails have never ever grown whereas the only reason behind it, is the bad and sticky habit of nail biting. A pretty face is not enough for the woman of today, she also needs to make sure that her hands look as perfect as anything.There can be several reasons behind developing this habit ofnail biting though most of them are related to your mental state like you tend to bite your nails whenever you are thinking about something, or you are feeling worried or distressed, or may be because you are just sitting idle, or waiting for somebody, or maybe when you are feeling nervous, hungry, sad or when you are going through anxiety. One thing that’s proved common in all these instances are that you tend to bite your nails ‘while’ you are doing something and that is a subconscious action too. According to the studies in human psychology, all human beings have a different way of tackling their emotions and nail biting is one of those ways, which, when repeated again and again transforms itself to an incurable bad habit. Nobody likes a person who has this habit as it could be extremely unhygienic and risky. A lot of germs enter your body through biting your nails as you touch countless germ containing things all through the day.Quitting the habit of nail biting is not an easy way but it’s certainly not impossible. Just a little bit of determination, dedication and consistency is required and you will surely get rid of it soon. I remember how I got determined to get rid of my nail biting habit. Badly caught up with nail biting, I consciously reminded myself with an imaginary image of long, beautiful nails I will be able to possess by ‘not’ biting them off and this is how I managed to save them from my teeth. An effort-well paid as I completely forgot to bite them in a month or so and also got myself a reward of actually long, strong, and beautiful nails thereafter. Setting a target for your own self or planning a reward can really help. You can also apply this formula to your young children whom you find inclined towards this habit because as they grow, this habit will instill in them and it will become extremely difficult to eradicate it in the later years.

Nail biting
Health Tip: Don’t Let Your Child Bite Her Nails

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Nail biting
Causes of Fingernail Biting

Obsessions, compulsion, and aggressiveness are the three top causes of this disorder. Many people claim that they bite their nails as a way of relaxing or in situations like stress or distress. Any of these altered states can trigger off the unconscious nail biting habit. It is difficult to say or …

Nail biting
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