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Nail Care for Men – simple and easy tips

I first realized the importance of taking care of nails in men when I saw my friend dumping her man only because he was not particular about the way her hands and specifically nails looked. He claimed to be a Sculptor by profession and that gave him a reason for making his way with untidy hands, but that reason (or excuse rather) didn’t work on my friend and she was bound to leave him. Taking care of nails in men is as important as in women with the only different that they are not required to undertake those elaborate nail art designs. It is all about paying a bit of heed on the cleanliness and overall neat appearance of hands and that’s it.

Keeping in mind that our hands are the best representatives of our personality, it is as essential for men to be thoughtful of this fact as women. In fact taking care of their hands and nails is so much easier for men as they don’t have to worry about the long length, the perfectly filed shape, or going for the many nail arts as in women, so for them, it’s even more of a smaller process.

Since it goes without saying that taking care of nails has to do with your health and hygiene and being careless means taking risk on your health altogether. We all keep coming across a lot of germs surrounding our body and our nails and hands are the first ones that come across such unhealthy bacteria and therefore can be the best carriers whenever we eat with them our touch them or do any sort of such activity.

Making sure that your hands are properly washed especially when you come out of your washrooms and begin to eat something is something of an extreme importance and nails can certainly not be ignored. Apart from that, it isn’t, at all, a bad or an objectionable idea for a man to go and get specialized manicure or pedicure for their hands and feet. In fact in my opinion, this practice is much more important for men, then for women because; man’s nails grow faster than women, men’s nails are more prone to being dirty than women obviously because of the level of work they do, then men can’t ‘cover’ their nails with colors or paints and therefore their cleanliness is even more  visible. Similarly men project an image of practicality and vigor and having bad and untidy features can be detrimental to their overall image.

Extremely simple and easy tips, if followed, can set new boundaries for the man of today who doesn’t only have to be a source of inspiration through his work but also through the way he looks and projects himself. Make sure to cut, clean, shape and file your nails on a weekly basis and if your nails’ growth is faster than may be after every three to four days. Applying any moisturizer can prevent your nails from drying in very cold season and also give an instant shine to them making them look attractively clean and glossy. Buffing your nails often is also a very good practice because it will instantly make your blood circulation fast and your nails will be able to take all the essential antioxidants present in your blood.

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  1. I love to keep my nails nice. I buff them about 2 times a week and sometimes I use a clear hardner.
    My nails are kinda weak and tend to split in layers at the ends.
    I have been thinking of having acrylics applied for several months to see if I can get my nails to grow past the damaged areas. I have had acrylics done once and loved them but they kept poping off at work.

    BTW I am a part time crossdresser and my wife loves me when I keep nice nails.

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