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Nail Manicure tips

So what is exactly is a nail manicure? A manicure is a specific style of polishing ones nails. There are many different styles the most popular being French nail manicures. This kind is where a person applies white nail paint onto the edges or tips of the fingernails itself. Then after that is done the remaining parts of the nails are covered with a white or a light pink coat. There are either done with either a clear painted, or then with a sheer gel like polish. This gel can also be colored either pale pink or even an extremely light beige color. The normally done French manicure is a very good thing for those who have short nails. That can also be done on people who have nails that are of a moderate length. The main aspects of a perfect nail manicure is to make complete sure that you follow each and every general rule that goes for applying nail polish in an error free manner. You should always prepare your hands and fingernails. First completely and thoroughly removing any old nail polish. This should be done with acetone or any other reliable nail polish remover. Then after that, it is essential that you go and start to clean your fingernails and the surrounding skin and then give them an appropriate length trim. 

The main things that need to be done while conducting a proper and accurately applied French nail manicure are: 

Keep the area clean: The main nail area needs to be kept clean and free of any dust or dirt. This can be done by using a nailbrush; the key is to gently take off any of the dead or dry skin that is found surrounding the main nail area. Using a nail cutter or a gentle sponge is a good idea. The skin around the nails usually gets hard and even dies. This is because the fingertips are the most used part of the hand and therefore the skin gets damaged easily. 


Keep the area dry: once you use nail polish remover over your nails you should wait a while until the nails and the surrounding skin is totally dry. 

Keep them shaped: the shape of the nails should be even and well rounded, if you like squared off nails then all the fingers should be equally squared off. 

The process starts by taking each individual nail and drawing a half moon with the white nail polish and then filling it in. It is essential that one keeps a steady hand and that the semi circle come in a neat manner. If it doesn’t that can cause the hand to look shabby or clumsy. Therefore, neatness is the key. Once the half circle is done the tips of all the nails will be a white color. The next step is deciding what you want the base of the nail to look like. If you want it to look natural then its better, you use a light pink color. However, if you want to keep a neater look. Then it is much better that you use a beige color nail polish.

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