Nail Polish Colors

Nail polish is a type of varnish that is applied to the external side of the finger and toenails. It is similar to ordinary paint that we use to decorate the house. Even like the paint that we use to make paintings. The paint that is used to make nail polish is a lot less toxic than the other forms of paint that have been mentioned. Nail polishes are girl’s best friend. They are available in more than a million different colors. The shades that have been developed over time are in a lot of different mutations. Nail polish can be of only one color but now they are also different blends that give a tinted coloration when applied. That way you can have a varying contrast between red and black or pink and purple. Colors that are made from cheaper quality chemicals and ingredients are often very hard to get off the nails. It is something that all women totally enjoy having done. Nail care, manicures and pedicures are the highlights of some people’s entire week. The best thing about this care is that it is something that leaves an individual with a beautiful hand and extremely beautiful nails at the end. 

Colors: as mentioned earlier there are over a million different shades that are available. These shades can be specific to only one color. This means that one color can have over a million variations in the shades, and each shade will be a different color classification all together. 

Chemicals and toxic nature: some nail polishes are made from natural ingredients these make them a lot less toxic in nature and thus are safer for use. There are yet others that are made from more harsher and cheap quality chemicals. These are harmful to both the skin as well as while doing everyday chores. These types of nail polishes tend to be easily chipped away and hence the result is that, chipped pieces are left in places such as food items and other dangerous situations. 

Removal and after effects: The removal of nail polish can be both a good and a terrible experience. Depending upon the make and the dilution of the nail polish it is a different experience all together to take off and remove the polish. Some times, it stays so stuck to the nail that even after removal it still leaves a slight tint of the color on the nail. While at other times is merely takes one sweep with a polish remover cotton swab and the nail is clear. 

Overall nail art and decorating your nails can be a fun and exciting experience. A nice way for friends to hang out and do something fun together. Nail polish can help you enhance the beauty of your hands in a very nice manner.

Nail polish
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