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Nail Polish Tips

Nail polish can be fun or daunting.

Applying nail polish helps to produce a unique look. That being said, not applying the polish in the right fashion, is certainly going to hinder the end look. Take note of the following tips to improve the quality of nail polish application in the future.


When applying nail polish, a base coat application will help the true color of the polish stand out. Those that do not use a base coat will often find that over time, their natural nail color will become dull. This is because the polish is slowly absorbing into the nail and effectively staining it. Base layers should be given time to dry.


Of course, it goes without saying that before starting any kind of application, the old polish should be removed first. Taking off the old nail polish should be done with care and using a non-acetone remover will help to ensure that the long term health of the nails are preserved. Removing the old polish correctly will help to produce a much more vibrant color when the new polish is applied.


After removing the old nail polish and allowing the base layer to dry, it is time to apply the new layer. Allowing this coat sufficient time to dry is just as essential. Generally this will take a little longer than the base coat to dry, so allow somewhere in the region of 8-10 minutes. This will ensure that it does not smudge and that it lasts as long as possible.


The mistake that many people make is applying just one coat of nail polish. In most professional salons, two layers will be applied. Of course, the second layer will be applied in exactly the same way and will be given the same amount of time to dry, around 8-10 minutes.


Using all of the above tips will ensure that nail polish application looks 100% professional and stands the test of time.